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While the Cat's Away, Fire Crotch Will Play

The BF is away again this weekend at some game championship thing, so I figured it was time to do some redecorating. I mainly focused my attention on the bedroom. I spend so little time here (because I travel you naughty things) that when I come home, the bedroom is the first place I go.

This picture is the before. Don't you just love my generic Christmas-outfitted Snoopy? His name is guess where I got him. Apparently I threw a fit in the store when I saw this adorable creature and my parents got him for me instead of giving me a swift kick in the ass. He's had some mishaps along the way, one being some makeup and an eye that keeps falling out, but K-Mart has been with me since I was a wee babe.

This is the after shot. Yeah, I totally covered up that beautiful hand-painted picture of the River Seine and the Eiffel Tower that everyone either has seen or bought while in Paris. I think I like the update. Très magnifique, non?

Okay, so I was too lazy to take the picture frame off the wall and actually put the Sexy Stars of Twilight poster under the glass for proper protection, but I figure this way it will be easier to switch out the picture. I swear that his eyes follow me when I walk in the room. Kinda creepy...creepy awesome!

And check out the view from my bed! Amongst all of the pics of my family and friends on my bureau, I can now see RPattz hotness staring back at me. Grandmom FC (with me in the gold picture frame) approves!

Oh, and what do we have here on the nightstand? Oh, it's RPattz. Right next to those books that I probably will never read because they aren't in my Kindle and my night cream for my poor cracked heels. Let's take a closer look shall we?

Um, so every time I see the picture in the bottom, I think of the phrase "choking a chicken" (kudos Jenny Jerkface).

And check it out...those three little pictures at the top spin around, so I can change Rob up any way I want. Amcas, please note the pic in the top left...still love your file name, heh.

I only wish I could be here when the BF comes home and sees what I have done. Seeing as how my urgings on Friday to grow out his hair and to take me to Comic-Con next year were greeted with suspicion ("Wait a sec, is this some kind of Twilight thing?"), I can't wait to hear what he has to say about the redecorating. He really should know better than to leave me home alone. Muwahahahahahaha!


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

You are just... fucking... crazy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your bedroom! I need me a spinny picture frame of hawtness...putting it on my shopping list and going to Tar-Jay!

I have that SSOT poster on the door (back) of my new "office"'s tech just a desk and a chair at this point but it's a project in the making. Oh, that office is gonna be Rob Central...

EtomyB said...

*sigh* Hubby doesn't want Rob invading the bedroom area... why would he ever say that? Poo. I am jealous.

Annie said...

You are BRAVE, FC! No way in hell could I ever put up pictures of Robliciousness. The boyf would freak.


Think my principal would mind if I decorate my classroom with some of these pictures? ;)

Dizzz said...

I LOVE IT!!! Oh and mom said it is a good thing that you went to the JOhns Hopkins school for writing, because it helped you become master bloggeress!!! She was funny! We both got a huge kick out of this blog! I love it, don't let the BF chance one iota of IT!!!!

half_my_self said...

EtomyB, I'm jealous, too...DH is the same way...I've been trying, but with no luck, to let me have one poster up in our family room.

You are truly brave, and my new hero! :)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Oh.My.Rob. : I told you before, you´re my crazy Twi-hero and this is just soo brave!! Could you come over here and do some redecoration in my bedroom? I´ll MrV you are a special designer from the US and you make design bedrooms so that, uhmm, sex is even better.
I guess that will work, when do you have time? s

Anonymous said...

I think you are my hero! I had to stop laughing so I could comment. I have found my answer to where/how to hang my posters..LOL when I get my pictures out of storage and go to put htem up on the wall.. i wonder if he'll even notice.. probably not. He has seen the pics a 100 times and never gave them a though.. hmm..

**winks** you are fuckawesome too!

Christina Padilla said...

that is funny. i think i'll have to try this out on my daveward. He'll LOVE it. Yeah, friken right.

Yep. im so doing it. idontcare.

jrieggs said...

You have to let us know if he noticed it right away! I could def see it taking him several weeks to realize what had changed. Next up, a Rob comforter? Just to sweeten the lovin a little?

Mr. Bitches said...

Unless you move Rock Band into the bedroom I bet he never noticies.

Bitches said...

OMG. I practically shat myself when I saw this. Last night, the door to your room was open and screaming at me to check out your new decor. It was just as amazing in person as it is here. I think I agree with jrieggs, you need the Rob throw to top off the look.

Mrs. Robward said...

Love those pics1 I am envious of your bedroom now!

Mrs. Robward

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