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Ahhh, New Car Smell!

So Bitches and Mr. Bitches are out car shopping this evening after an unfortunate incident with a sunroof and lots of rain last Friday. You all remember Mr. Bitches, right? He did that awesome guest post last Thursday. Anyway, according to Mr. Bitches' Facebook status this morning they are deciding between a Honda Insight and a Jeep Compass.

Both of these options are both exceptional vehicles...the Honda for it's hybridity (yeah, I just made that up...better get it on wiki ASAP) and the Jeep for it's well, 4x4 all-terrain badness (good for driving on the NC beaches I s'pose).

But, since I am doing this post without Bitches knowledge and/or approval, I figured I would throw my 2 cents into the ring. How about a beautifully equipped Volvo C30? Please let me introduce you. It has four generous seats (generous enough for my tuchas?), a high performance audio system, first-class safety, distinctive R-design (WTF is that?), and gets 28 mpg.

I definitely think this is the car for the Bitches family. I mean who cares that it doesn't have 4 doors and that hauling a baby in and out of that sucker would be a bi-atch. (*Just a note in case any parental units are reading this...I do NOT have any information confirming that the couple is preggers. Although my cookie baby is coming along nicely!*)

I totally think that any car good enough for Edward Cullen to drive like 2 mph through Port Angeles (You all know what I'm talking about right? He was totally driving like a grandma, well not mine, she drives like a bat outta hell) is good enough for Bitches. So, I ask you all to please help me campaign for the Bitches family to purchase a C30. I mean how badass would it be to show up to theater when we go to see New Moon in one of those? 'Nuff said.


marie said...

Yes! Purchasing a Volvo would be the best idea ever! I mean, I personally believe that every Twi-hard should own a Volvo (too bad they don't come with an Edward Cullen.)

Can I fly out and ride to the theater with y'all? I wanna ride in a Volvo. Pretty please? lol

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Bitches gotta practise that fishtail stunt, so you'll have quite an entrance in the cinema's parking lot then - LOL

cutie said...

All hail the Volvo! (sorry I've been tweeting and we are hailing Rob so it just fit.)

Totally agree this is the car of choice. The End.

Bitches said...

Holy crap! I pert near peed myself when I saw this at the dealership! I must say, we actually did momentarily consider a Volvo, however, now Mr. Bitches says he isn't willing to drive anything that brings me closer to Edward Cullen *tear*
Yes, Mr. Bitches and his new suit was rather soaked Friday night after the unfortunate sunroof incident! heh

Anonymous said...

@Betti, oh the fishtail stunt!! I love that!! Still trying to get DH to show me how to do it in my Toyota Matrix.

As for the Volvo, yes, we should all buy one. Well, except me, since I'm still paying on the aforementioned Matrix.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Cars and Edward Cullen, definitely a topic a have to give my 2 cents.

So a Volvo? The C30 is a really nice car, but it´s the car from the movie. Normally they all drove together to school, so first time I saw this car I just thought "How the heck do they all fit inside without getting claustrophobia?"
In case you want to have a Edward Volvo and(!) a family car: go for S60 because this is the car Edward´s drives in the book.
Isn´t this the best? Get a Edward and a family car?

Although the C30 definitely suits him better...

Mr. Bitches said...

I am putting my foot down. When you start debating what car to get based on Edward and Twilight there is a problem ladies. We shall not be getting a volvo of any type now. I just dont think I could handle all of the twilight/volvo comments that would come with it. Sorry Bitches. Now if you want to RENT a volvo for the premier by all means. You and Firecrotch can show up roll out the red carpet and really make a scene.

jrieggs said...

I think you're being unfair Mr. Bitches, you know Volvos are very safe cars as well and are supposed to be a great drive...I'm just saying don't let Edward cloud your judgement!

jrieggs said...

Oh, and I vote for the S60. It's more realistic (to the book and for life)

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