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New Moon Trailer Demographic?

Bitches and I have gone back to our movie-whore roots and have been going out to the movies practically every weekend. A couple of weeks ago I heard that the New Moon trailer might be shown with The Proposal. Well, we didn't go right out and see The Proposal and only saw it yesterday. In the meantime Bitches saw the New Moon trailer (*she assures me this an entirely different experience than seeing it on MTV or on YouTube*). Guess what movie she saw the trailer with? Just guess? Here's a hint.

And yes this is a Transformer unicorn-style. Hey, I've been reading Wide Awake, so cut me some slack, 'kay?!?

So, I just have to ask, who are they appealing to by showing the New Moon trailer during Transformers? Obviously to the girlfriends/wives/sisters that were dragged caveman style into the movie theater. I mean seriously, I'm not that excited about Josh Duhamel, and we all know that Megan Fox can't act.

After sitting through 7 trailers, each time Bitches and I were ready to squee into the safe darkness of the movie theater, no New Moon trailer. I almost walked out, but remembered Ryan Reynolds and nekkedness. Okay, so the movie was cute and enjoyable as most Sandra Bullock movies are, but seriously how messed up is it that one of the trailers was another Sandra Bullock movie?

Who do I have to frak (geek-speak for fuck) at AMC to see the New Moon trailer on the big screen? I am part of the more aged demographic, but hell, I see all of those movies that little girls see. Perhaps, with Harry Potter? I guess I will be off to the movies again this weekend!


kt said...

w.t.f. i have seen the proposal AND transformers and have not seen the trailer on the big screen. i actually got yelled at by my friends at the proposal because i dragged them there with the promise of edward action and NOTHING. lucky for me it was still a good movie. i even saw my sisters keeper the same weekend and they could have def thrown some new moon in there, but no.

Bitches said...

Dude, when it came on before Transformers, I was practically jumping up and down in my seat, and there was definitely a lot of squeeing on my part. I also may have cheered. The thirty-somthing chick a couple seats down also seemed to enjoy it & turned to her husband and said "I am so going to see that movie."
I'm still bitter over not seeing the preview.

KG said...

Ryan Reynolds nekkednesssss....*drooooool*

...oh what were we talking about? oh, umm, New Moon Trailer. Yea, our theater just got Terminator the odds of the New Moon trailer playing in my town are slim to freakin never. yep.

themrs said...

we saw the proposal last weekend and they showed it. so there i sat, in a theater full of mostly old people, 31 years old, with my husband, and i SERIOUSLY squeeled like a little girl. my husband (who also loves twilight) was embarassed ( and probably in pain from how hard i squeezed his knee) :)

Twidiculous Wives said...

QP and I had the exact same experience last week. Went to the fing moving just to see the New Moon trailer and WTF, not there. Also almost walked out, but Ryan Reynolds is a hottie. SO disapointed.

Bitches said...

@themrs...I know right?! Despite seeing it numberous times online, it was like seeing it for the first time all over again...It was sooo much better!

Call of Duty Widow said...

My sis and I haven't seen it on the huge screen yet either, only on my flat screen at home. We're seeing Harry Potter on Friday, so hopefully they'll show it then. At least there will be other people squeeing along with us!

Kendall said...

I was ultra pissed when I went to see The Proposal. Because all the blogs were saying that the New Moon trailer was going to be playing. IT DIDN'T!! I almost demanded a refund. Then, my friend went and saw The Proposal this past weekend, and the New Moon trailer played for her! That made me bonkers.

Dizzz said...

Sis, for your information, i really WANT to see the transformers movie, so if i catch a new moon trailer in it (now i have to drag Brother-FC to the movies this weekend) I am gonna freak! And he will scoff, of course.

Jenny Jerkface said...

I'm so jealous! We went to see Transformers a couple of weeks ago and I was SO excited because I heard the NM trailer was playing. Well, we were fucking late and missed the fucking trailer. I was pissed I almost wanted to leave. But then they started blowing shit up from the get-go so I stayed. It was worth it.

Lora said...

I really did not liked transformers 2 and Harry Potter,now waiting for New Moon,I think it will be great for sure :)
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