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New Moon Merch!!!

Okay, so I just finished working a 12 hour night shift and downed a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks, so I am highly caffeinated and somewhat sleep-deprived. However, sometime this morning (I think it was around 3 AM 'cause that's when I started sending zillions of emails to Bitches and SIL FC thinking they could talk me down...yeah they would be up at 3 AM...heh) I started receiving twitpics from TwiFans about some fabulous New Moon merch.

It's Pocket Bella and Pocket Alice! Man, Alice's hair looks flat.

And of course, Pocket Edward must make an appearance. He's pretty dapper if I do say so myself.

But, this fella was the one that really got me crazy. Pocket Jacob! If you haven't been following me on Twitter then you may not know about my ambition to have a Pocket Jacob doll. I really was hoping for a two-pack: one with Jacob being normal and one in his wolf form. Alas, no pics of that, but there's still time right? Neca, hear my cry...give me a Jacob man-wolf 2-pack! **Just a note, I am NOT Team Jacob, I just really want a wolf...I think it would make for some excellent photography**

Okay, so what was my next logical step? Send the pics to my friends? RT to my tweeples (in English that means retweet the tweets to my followers)? Yes and yes. Find out where to buy these bad boys and girls? Yes. The next step, well, I kind of went over the edge. I found a
site where you could pre-order all 4 action figures. So I emailed Bitches and SIL FC to let them know about it and that I was thinking of pre-ordering them. I mean $64.99 is a steal really when you think about it. I have already documented the hours of enjoyment to be had with my current Edwards and Bella. So I figured I would favorite the link and come back to order them later. Well, about 20 minutes goes by and I email Bitches and SIL FC back to let them know that they will be the proud owners of the set as well. Oh, and of course I chose express delivery, heh. The items aren't shipping until October...just in time for the movie. Yeah, it's going to be a Twi-Christmas at my house this year, so what if it's in October? The BF doesn't know it yet, but he's totally getting a Forks PE t-shirt (he'll never know, just like his Napoleon Dynamite PHS PE t-shirt).

So now what am I worrying about? What will they travel in? 7
artist's models--erm action figures won't fit in my little pencil case. Obviously the Edwards and Jacob cannot travel in the same case. And like hell will the Edwards allow the Bellas to ride with I guess Alice will be stuck with him. This is quite the dilemma, but I know that I will be able to get through it with careful travel consideration for all parties involved.


Anonymous said...

I seriously do not even know what to say about the jacob.. Im seriously speechless..

Alice's hair is MAJOR flat.. And After all the RPattz pics the last few days.. Edwards pants look like they are riding wayyyyyyyyyy 2 high on the waist.. still speechless about jacob.. now you need a twilight lunchbox to carry them in!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Your are just the greatest.
I had to laugh so hard when I imagine you playing with the figures but I expect hilarious pics!!!
Jacob with his bare breast is just freaky!! My imaginations what to do with him - or TO him are endless!!
Just the waiting is shit. But it´s also something to look forward.

Dizzz said...

OMG OMG I can't wait to have one!!!! But Niece FC is going to be soooooooo jealous!!!!! My SIL FC is the greatest!!!! Jacob shirtless..... Wooo Hoooo!!!! FC if you put Jacob in the same bag with Bella and Edwards you may have a action figure battle on your hands. Imagine being at the Airport and your pencil case jumping around... Ok my imagination is running away with me.... Heeeeheeee

Dizzz said...

Oh and Edward pants look high because his shirt is tucked in, my Edward is hanging loose with the shirt tails hanging out.... Dear GOD why do i notice this?!!!!! Oh yeah, cause I am ROBSESSED!!!!

jrieggs said...

Look at Rob rocking brown shoes with a black suit, I'm not sure this is acceptable attire... And they def could've made Alice look a little more refined, I mean the book makes her statuesque shouldn't the dolls as well?

EtomyB said...

LOL! Edward would never let Bella ride with Jacob. Poor Alice.
I know!! Get 2 Jacobs and glue fuzz all over one of them! Same diff... right? Okay, no, it's not the same.
I am at least getting Pocket Newmoonward and Pocket Wolfboy. They can have EPIC battles which will always be won by one of 3 Edwards.

Tenacious V said...

These Pocket People are much more...lifelike than your other ones...

I feel sort of weird and squicky looking at Pocket Jacob. It's weird to be a wee bit titillated by a Ken-sized doll, right?

RunsFromReality said...

Pocket Shirtless Jacob . . . .*sigh* Oh, they had to go there, didn't they?

I wonder if sales will double when he's legal?

Bitches said...

Ummmm...I have to admit I feel like a perv looking at Jacob in his state of undress...I feel like a pedophile.

Zwolsche Diva said...

Jacob looks very much like the real thing, whereas old PE looked kinda NOT like R-Patz.. Well, I guess they are getting their sculpt on now.. ;)

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