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You Know You Want It

It was definitely a Twi-Christmas in the FC household this year. From Bella and Edward Barbies to Team Jacob t-shirts (yes, for Mommy FC) to Twilight board games to Snuggies. Yes, I said it, Snuggies. I purchased 2 fleece blankets back on Black Friday and commanded Mommy and SIL FC to make me a Snuggie. Why not make it myself you ask? I didn't own a sewing machine (I do now...Mommy FC gave me one for Christmas...I think she may be telling me something. Perhaps it's, "Make your own damn Snuggie!" or maybe it's, "Hem your own effing pants!"). Anyway, Mommy FC told me a couple of weeks ago that we would need to discuss the "Snuggie situation" as there was a "Snuggie snafu." A Snuggie snafu? WTF? Needless to say I was a little more than disappointed, but I tried not to let on how down I was about it. I stayed strong.

And then I arrived home and SIL FC (also known as IvyLane24) was showing me a Twilight blanket that one of her annoying office co-workers gave her. Methinks she's not so annoying any more, but I digress. Anyway, Brother FC says, "Hey, why don't you make it into a Snuggie since you and Mom figured out how.", what? So, yeah, Brother FC totally blew Mommy FC's ruse out of the water. I think we all remember how SIL FC fooled me for months about her fanfic writing. Needless to say I was a little irritated that Mommy FC felt that she could pull the wool over my eyes a second time. She even went so far as to present me with a real Snuggie...hahahaha...she thought she was so funny!

Yes, this is the one I got...and yeah, it came with the special bonus reading light. So exciting! But then Mommy FC brought out the real deal and here I am modeling it for you.

Um, did you notice who's on my boobs? And then I made SIL FC model it as well. You may notice that the Snuggie only took one fleece blanket to yes, there is a second New Moon Snuggie hiding in my closet.

Christmas blew up all over the place in here. It took nephew FC 2 days to unwrap all of his presents. But truth be told, he wasn't really that interested in unwrapping clothes since he got a new talking Elmo. Here's hoping the talking potty chair works miracles.

More Christmas Twi-goodness is on the way in a future post...stay tuned! Love you Mommy FC! Oh, and I need to extol the virtues of the Snuggie. You can blog, read fanfic, and scroll through your blogroll while wrapped in your Snuggie. You know you can't do that in a regular blanket!

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 24

Thanks to RobsButtonsBabe's awesome RobNip for the final day of the advent calendar!

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 23

This last one was for Mommy FC.

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 22

Santa Pattz created by Hybeccer

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 21

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 20

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 19

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 18

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 17

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 16

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 15

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 14

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 13

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 12

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 11

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 10

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 9

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 8

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 7

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 6

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 5

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 4

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 3

Twi-Advent Calendar - Day 2

So this morning I had an excellent idea...I'm so humble, I know. Since I'm trying to be good and not gain a hundred pounds this holiday season I have eschewed my usual chocolate-filled advent calendar, but my fingers still yearn to open those little doors. So how about a Twilight advent calendar? We missed yesterday, so we get to open two doors open today. Please to enjoy.

If you have any pics you would like included, please email them to me at webiteprettyhard[at]hotmail[dot]com.

BlogoWriMo - The Results Show
BlogoWriMo draws to a close, guess what I just found out? BlogoWriMo is an actual thing. Well it's really called NaBloPoMo, but it doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyway, you know what this means right? Next year I'm roping all of you into this insanity! Yes! They have prizes! You know you want an Edward Cullen Sock Zombie!

But I digress. The real reason that I did
BlogoWriMo was to raise money for CCFA. For every comment that I received during November (and yes, I included a couple of latecomers), I promised to donate $1 to CCFA. You all did not disappoint me!

You raised $379!

I'm sure you all know that this is an organization close to Fragile Little Human, and I asked her to write a little something to help close out BlogoWriMo 2009.

When you find out you have IBD, you're embarrassed to tell anyone because you're afraid of how people will react. It's not exactly dinner-table conversation material. I've been blessed in my life to have lots of family and friends and the CCFA to support me during a lot of unpleasantness.

Now, my circle of friends has expanded with all the wonderful women (and maybe a unicorn or two *wink*) I've met in the Twi fandom. I am so grateful to you all for commenting away so FC can donate her hard-earned money to help the CCFA continue to support patients and researchers in their fight against Crohn's and UC. I am also thankful to those who made their own individual donations. I ♥ you all!

FC, you are my hero - you have been unfailingly wonderful to do all this, and it means a lot to me. *trying not to sing "The Wind Beneath My Wings" or some other crappy song*
Fragile threatened bodily harm if I didn't include the last paragraph, so in return I decided that we had to have a unicorn picture. Don't worry! I searched for "tasteful unicorns" and this was the most tasteful of the me.

If you want to donate to CCFA on your own, you can do that
here or you can text a donation from your phone!