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Fourth Festivities

To celebrate the 4th we journeyed yet again to the lake. I was quite pasty and in desperate need of some sun. I've decided that the best way to hide stretch marks is to camouflage them with a tan, so, the lake was a great place to enjoy the company of friends whilst tending to my troubled bits. After a long and arduous day floating around on the lake, spying on the neighbors and grilling, we decided we needed to end the day with a bonfire and sparklers - since we're too cheap (Fine, I'm too cheap. Mr. Bitches really wanted to purchase some, but I shot him down) to buy any supercool fireworks. Of course, we don't go anywhere without Edward (and Bella, although, to be honest we don't give a rats ass about her) he joined in on the festivities.

I must give a shout out to Mr. Bitches & his photography prowess. He amused us all by directing Edward to "make love to the camera" & "give me your pouty lips" and of course "do sexy eyes, do sexy eyes."

No bonfire is complete without s'mores. Heck, they were the only motivating factor in getting our lazy slightly burned arses off the couch and outside to plop ourselves in front of the fire the boys so sweetly had made for us.

Edward enjoyed some luscious deliciousness that are s'mores.

Since s'mores are incredibly messy (Just ask FC, I was warned against posting the pics by threat of death. Perhaps another day. Heh.), Edward needed a bath. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige.

Such a dirty, dirty boy. Just the way I like 'em.


Tasha... said...

Good times! I'm very impressed with Mr. Bitches. =] "give me your pouty lips"<--that shit is funny!

I'm thinking you should pimp Mr. Bitches out for his masterful photographic skillz! He could make it big in the action-figure genre.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a good time.. Edward even got it on his shoes!

I love that Mr Bitches is such a great photographer..

my 4th was filled with lots and lots of booze..I think the hangover hit me a day late..

Anonymous said...

Pics are awesome. I'm still trying to get DH to realize how much fun PE can be. Now I totally want a s'more that takes both arms to hold.

Fire Crotch said...

Yay! This is awesome...and thanks for not posting the pics of my awesome looking ass and my gross s'more eating habits.

Bitches said...

@Tasha..."Pimp him out" haha He'd enjoy that...probably too much!

@Aimee...Sounds like you had a swell 4th! Surprisinly, ours was booze free, which was good since we kept spilling our beverages. We've become pretty dull in our advanced age : /

@fragile...I don't believe he fully grasps the enjoyment of PE...yet. He does enjoy mocking us and the occasional assistance with photos. This isn't without the promise of "favors" for his services, though.

EtomyB said...

AMAZING!!! I love your pics. Mr. Bitches sounds a lot like my hubby. He loves the Pocket Edward photo ops... just don't tell him I told you ;)
LOL @ not giving a rat's ass about Bella. Notice I don't own a Pocket Bella...

Tenacious V said...

Ha ha, hilarious pics. Aaaand, I saw the package deal of Pocket Edward and Pocket Bella at Borders yesterday, and frankly, Pocket Bella is FRIGHTENING. She looks all haggard and old. I would hide her in a drawer or something if I had one.

caring erratic hairbrained mom said...

I love that your husband will take pics, that is fantastic. Hmmmm, I have not broken down and bought pocket Edward and Bella , but it looks so damn fun I might just have to.

Bitches said...

@Tenacious...I agree with you, Bella is rather busted and haggard looking. Her hair is like this lump. Ick. She rarely sees the light of day.

@EtomyB...Bella was acquired simply she came with the sunglass-clad Edward, which we couldn't live without : p Ha.

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