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Rant Wednesday - My Twilight Hero

This week's rant really is more of an "OMG, your coworker is awesome" shout-out. So I was speaking to SIL FC last Thursday night while waiting in baggage claim when she relayed the following story about her day:

SIL FC: So you know my coworker who wanted me to wear my new Twilight jewelry to work? The one who has mocked me for my Twi-loving ways?
Me: Yeah, she is totally my hero for making you remove the items from their plastic jail (and thereby totally ruining the "collector" status)
SIL FC: Well, you won't believe what she did to me.
Me: ready to believe anything this hater was sure to dole out
SIL FC: When I went to lunch she placed signage on my cube that I didn't see until people started sniggering as they walked past. I was like WTF? So I went to see what all the hoopla was about and saw this hanging on my cube.

This is not the actual signage...just an awesome reproduction (if I do say so myself)

Of course I couldn't see the sign as I was laughing like a freaking hyena on the phone (I totally scared off the little boy who sat next to me on the plane and kept inching closer as if he wanted to ask me something. We had a nice little convo about my Kindle and love of Twilight and how he should totally read the books, to which he did the Mr. Bitches patented eye roll). SIL FC was still mad about the entire event at the office and was kind of pissed off that I was laughing about it. (Now that she has had a few days to digest, she thinks it's funny but is still kind of pissy).

Me: So did you take a picture?
SIL FC: No, I ripped the fucking shit down, crumpled it up, and threw it in the trash. Then I sent an IM to my coworker about how pissed I was and left for the long weekend. Heh, she probably thinks I'm still mad about it.
Me: You did what?!? Well, do you think your coworker took a picture?
SIL FC: I don't think so, but I will ask...
Me: This is so going on the blog.

So are you out at work? Obviously SIL FC is still licking her wounds and has no intention of shedding any more light on her newest obsession. How would you react if you were outed to the rest of your non-Twi-lovin' coworkers? Having outed myself, I don't feel that I can really adequately sympathize with SIL FC. Please post your own shame or heart-felt well-wishes for SIL FC (aka Dizzz).


Dizzz said...

You keep laughing FC, this is ALL YOUR FAULT AFTER ALL!!! You practically forced me to read those books, so i blame you for my obsession completely! Rob Patz is too cute though, I kind of wish i had kept the sign for INSIDE my cube. Yours is much better though, probably cuase you found cuter pics becuase you are just as obsessed. :P I am still a bit miffed about the situation at work... I mean seriously. She asks me to wear the jewelry, and i had to remove it from the cherished box. Then she mocks me! UGH!

Oh and I didn't throw it in the trash, i crumpled it up and threw it onto HER desk, to show my anger. Then afterwards i figured a nice IM would do the job much better. HA! She apologized on Monday, she didn't think i would be really mad about it. I am still not speaking to her though (mostly cause i was out of the office sick the past 2 days).

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I have no clue what i'd do in that situation..I'd like 2 think that the people who know about my errr.. hobbies.. wouldn't do that to me.. but i also know that they find shit funny that I dont.. i have no clue if i'd be mad or not.. I'd laugh.. at some point.

but now.. No offense Dizzz I wouldn't have been able to stop myself from laughing at the situation either.. its funny when its someone else. SoRRY!

Dizzz said...

@ Aimee, It is all good! My friend at work and i, now that i have forgiven her, think it is really funny! She has promised that this will never happen again; and now all we need to do is convert her into a Twilight Addict!!!!

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