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More Do-It-Yourself Twi Merch

Okay ladies, more do-it-yourself Twi merch, this time thanks to the Costco Photo Center. I have forewarned SIL FC not to allow the niece see this post as she will definitely want everything on the page. Girls...hold onto your panties (and your wallets) as I present to you some of my lovelies.

This lovely notepad could be yours. Bitches thought it would be great to use during bible study to write prayer requests on...hmmm...I think I would definitely remember to say my prayers.

Or perhaps I could interest you in a sheet of heart-shaped stickers? I think these would be perfect to seal bills. Can't you imagine receiving a payment with this guy on the envelope?

For all of the youngins out there, a new messenger bag for school? Back to school shopping will be starting soon...don't you want to have something no one else has?

And my personal favorite....the Robert Pattinson throw blanket. Wouldn't you like to stretch out with him on the couch, the bed, the kitchen table, the washing machine...sorry my mind wanders. It would be difficult to decide who's on top...heh.

I think I have Bitches' Christmas present all picked out. Mr. Bitches may not be happy.


Anonymous said...

ohhh nice!!!! I want!

Anonymous said...

Damn girl, I totally want that throw blanket. DH would probably burn in the back yard when I wasn't looking, though.

Tasha... said...

I'm SO asking Santa for an Emmett throw!! You are my hero. =D

RunsFromReality said...

OOOOOOoooooo . . . .I want that bag! That's brilliant.

Tenacious V said...

Ha ha ha. Especially love the prayer request paper. I have to call you out on the sacrilege of having the word "panties," one of the most disgusting words ever, on the same paper as requests to God, though. ;-)

Latchkey Wife said...

I need the throw!

Bitches said...

@Tenacious...I'm like a year late replying on this...Yes, panties is like the most disgusting word ever, along with moist. "Moist panties" being the most disgusting sentence ever.
You know, Matthew Fox paper could also be arranged.

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