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Pocket Edward Dazzles the Ladies

A couple of months ago Grandmom FC took Mommy FC, Aunt FC, and me on a bus tour of Philadelphia. This was actually my second bus trip with these fine ladies and I'm all over the bus tour now. The drivers of these buses totally mesmerize they drive around hair-pin turns and back into a parking spot with mere inches of clearance on either side is beyond me. So, yeah, I guess I'm turning into an old lady (transformation will be complete when I get granny panties) because my cousins and I have definitely ridiculed our moms about the bus trips they go on. I digress, however. On our previous trip to the Biltmore Estate, PE did not venture much farther than my purse. I was much more confident on this second trip. We had a lovely lunch aboard the Moshulu before touring the murals around the city. I never knew it before, but Philly has the largest number of murals in the world (2,800!) and is definitely worth the trip. Okay, arts lesson over.

After excusing myself from the lunch table to use the restroom, I stealthily snuck upstairs and took some shots of Edward on the high seas. Okay, not really, we were anchored at Penn's Landing, but doesn't he look debonair? I tried some shots looking across the water to Camden, NJ, but those shots just didn't look good. You know how Jersey is...

After a quick stop at the bar, PE and I boarded the bus for the mural tour. PE was getting a little frisky as you can see from the pictures below.

These are the FC women...pretty hot right? I runs in the family. Pocket Edward hopped right into Mommy FC's shirt pocket. How cute. Mommy FC seems to be enjoying the attention.

Then Pocket Edward jumped in between Aunt FC ( hair runs in the family) and Grandmom FC. Everyone was having a good time. Grandmom FC (who turned 89 the next day...I know, I don't believe it either!) didn't quite know what to make of my beloved PE, but she's down with the kids and just rolled with it. I may need to give Mommy FC one of the Edwards to take on their bus trip of the Canadian Rockies since the ladies had such a good time.

And thus ends another wonderful photo op with Pocket Edward. I would like to personally thank Mommy FC, Grandmom FC, and Aunt FC for indulging my inner child. And, if you look at this page, please stop scrolling when you get to the
bad unicorn post!


ApplesnFeathers--Susie said...

Love the PE adventures...AWESOME! Especially love the little disclaimer at the end!

jrieggs said...

I can only imagine how crazy your family thinks you are! My grandma would be speachless!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Can't stop laughing while looking at the ladies' faces!
Grandmom FC really has that bedazzled look - LOL. And Aunt FC already reaches out for her turn with PE... look the greedy fingers...

I thought FC stood for FireCrotch, not for Fangirl Craze.
Be careful not to get hate mails from the "Respect Rob" campaigners!

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