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BlogoWriMo Day 20 - Feelin' Pervy

We anticipated for months.
We purchased tickets.
We stalked theater workers about seating.
We flirted with little high school boys (ok, it was more Bitches than me).
We watched.
We cried.
We jizzed.


Even though I had seen the pics of Taylor shirtless in GQ and Men's Health, I wasn't prepared. I even ridiculed Mommy FC for crushing on our favorite jailbait. I may have jizzed in my pants when Jacob took his shirt off to sop the blood off of Bella's head after the motorcycle accident. I may have jizzed again when Bella comes to bitch out Jacob for ignoring her after the movies. And then there was a bunch of jizzing after that because Jacob didn't have his shirt on for the rest of the movie (well except for when they walked on the beach after the dog fight). At one point I said out loud, "This is so wrong."


I wanted Bella to make out with him. I wanted her to stay when he begged her not to go after Edward. And when he and Edward had their little argument, I kinda wanted them to go at it. TayTay brought it with a vengeance. I heart him hard. Thank you Taylor Lautner for making New Moon so awesome.


Smuttier Than You said...

I soooo agree! He brought his A game for sure!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

I 1000% Agree. Taylor brought it! He was fucking Jacob for reelz.. Even towards the end I felt bad when Bella tells him, it's always been Edward. The lady next to me whispers 'bitch', I had to laugh. Jacob won many fans last night.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL!!!!! I hear ya...jailbait brought his A game this time.

InterventionReject said...

I was so Team Edward that I was the coach for this team. In the books, Jacob was always just in the way. *I confess to speed-reading much of New Moon book until Edward returns.* Before actually seeing the movie, I never blinked Bella-blinked twice over Taylor.

HOWEVER, after seeing Taylor play Jacob in New Moon this afternoon, I must confess that I genuinely wanted them to kiss in the movie. *I almost forgot about angsty Edward in Brazil* I empathized with Jacob and believed that he would never hurt me, err, Bella the way Edward did when he left.

In many ways, I can now understand how Jacob became a filler for the hole that Edward left in Bella and how Bella really struggles with her feelings in the next story line of Eclipse. *sniff*

Meg said...



Tenacious V said...

Hilarious. Especially the "we...felt...pervy." Hmmm, wonder if I'll feel uncomfortably voyeuristic when I see it?

Hope you ladies have enjoyed your Twiweekend thus far. :-)

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

This movie honestly made me love Jacob more than I ever have and yes I felt extremely pedo the whole time

Call of Duty Widow said...

I didn't miss Edward one bit while he was gone, Taylor was that good.

One Pushy Fox said...

I have to agree with everyone, TayTay brought his A game to this move. I spent a lot more time muttering, "Bad, bad cougar" than I anticipated. I'm going to see it again this afternoon with my BFF (the unapologetic TayTay luster) and expect to need to hose her down afterward! :)


Anonymous said...

I went in a 4pm showing, so my friend and I were the only legally adults there, I keep repeting "17,17" but after a little while I was "See you in Jail, Bitches" 'cause TayTay is HOT, scorching OMG you are not even legal HOT...

cutie said...

Okay sorry. I skipped down because I am still team anti-manboy. This we shall discuss but for now.... *clicks comment quickly*

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