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BlogoWriMo Day 12 - Comments Please

First, I want to start out with something really nice. Did you see Mrs. Vanquish's blog recently? No? Well, guess what. She gave me an award. I know, who would give this potty mouth an award...especially after the corn post. Well believe it haters because here it is!

And do you wanna know why she gave it to me? Not because I wrote her an awesome comment like Betti, but because for every comment one of my BlogoWriMo posts gets this month I am donating $1 to CCFA. Remember? Check out the total so far over in the sidebar.

And for those of you who read the
corn post and the comments, you may have noticed a not so nice anonymous comment in there. And if you didn't here it is:

Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously? WTF.. Can you even fucking spell LAME? I'm just sitting here shaking my fucking head trying to pretend that was worth my fucking time reading. Could I have the last five minutes of my life back? I could use them to go watch that douche Rob say "I'm Edward Cullen" . Yeah another five minutes of my fucking life i'll never get back. What a fucking waste of time.

Candy Corn shoes? You really have lost your twi-rob ever loving fucking mind. Maybe you should look back in your last google search for where you may have fucking left it? I'm sure you MIGHT find it there. Heaven knows you fucking need it. Along with all the other pricks who read this fucking garbage.

The rest of this shit is just that. SHIT its not even worth commenting on.

And what I especially loved after this horrible comment was all of you who defended me and the Rob porn corn!

jrieggs said...
Why would you read a Twilight blog if you don't like Edward Anonymous? Eww.

mmMoxie said...
If it took 5 minutes to read this post, Anonymous must have been staring at the picture of the "cornbrator" for 4 of them.

(Molly) Twinatic said...
ah, haters, you crack me up!!!

I like that they took time to write out a long comment that addresses specific details, but, couldn't come up with anything intelligent to say so they just laced with a lot of 'fucks' and then couldn't man up to the comment and left it under 'Anonymous'

Yeah, that's a big man(or woman) right there!

(plus, how would you even end up here unless you were searching for twi things, or following you on twitter? I think it's like homophobes being such haters because they're gay and don't want to admit it, twimophobes are just closet mega fans and can't live with it!)

One Pushy Fox said...
Ok, 1) flamer, seriously??? During BlogoWriMo???? Piss off, idiot!

And then there were those of you who liked the anonymous hater comment:
Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...
I'm so proud of you FC! You got your first hater! You corn loving whore!!! I LOVE YOU!!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...
1) I'm with're moving up the ladder if you're attracting flaming haters. Kudos!

Well, I want to let you all that I went to my ISP and tracked down this anonymous hater. Seriously, I have stalker tendencies people. And guess who's not so anonymous? It was sjAimee! I guess you all missed our tweets the other day about how you really haven't arrived until you get haters. So, I guess I have now arrived...thanks for hatin' sjA! Love you!

P.S. - sjAimee was joking in her anonymous comment, so please please please don't go hatin' on her
blog...unless you think she can roll with the big dogs.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been commenting so I wouldn't artificially inflate your numbers, but I just can't resist. That hater comment is fucking hilarious!!! sjAimee did a most excellent job. Maybe she can hire herself as a professional blog hater ;)

(Thanks again for everything FC - I <3 you!)

bierbeck said...

I was wondering how in the world you new it was sjAimee! Too funny. This is why I do not think i could have a blog. i do not think i could handle the real haters.

SmuttierThanYou said...

Bahahaha! That's why we (sjAimee) share a throne in hell! P.S. *whispers* I am fail and have not read the corn post yet *hangs head in shame*

Annie said...

LOL! That sjAimee is a firecracker for sure. I have yet to get a real bonafide hater. Not that I'm asking for one or anything!!! ::shudders::

cutie said...

I am so freaking confused! But I love it all!!! Bwhahahhahhaha

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

LMAO! I'm scared of you bitches! Y'all roll hard. You tracked your hater! That is fucking funnier than shit and then to have it be sjAimee. Lovez it. Keep posting my love! It's all for charity!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I missed all this shit just because I was just 2 days off? Can't believe that!!

I'm just laughing my ass off, sjAimee is the bomb for doing this and you are awesome to track her down.

Really! I'm still laughing! Great shit!

Anonymous said...

LOL.. I love you too and all your readers.. So newp I didn't mean that shit.. I'm seriously considering becoming a professional..

Cutes.. I love that you are confused..

Call of Duty Widow said...

Gee, I guess my non-anonymous hate wasn't good enough. I'll go pout now.

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

You crazy kids. sjAimee really had me going. Funny it!

@FC Remind me not to piss you off...cuz you'd cyberstalk my ass and send me electronic anthrax. I'm scared of your skillz. *shiver*

@sjAimee and @SmuttierThanYou You're some hardcore sassy bitches. Love it! *highfive*

@MrsV FC totally deserves that award because the money for comment idea is pure, selfless awesomeness. Here, here!

itsjustme said...


One Pushy Fox said...

You punked us all, sjAimee!!! But still I say no flaming during BlogoWriMo! *clucks tongue* Why must you mess with me when I'm so fragile? Now how will I be able to know you're not the flamer all the time now? *walks away shaking head in confusion* Oh, wait, I almost forgot:


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