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BlogoWriMo Day 28 - Twi-Thanksgiving

As promised, the Pocket Army came out to play for the annual FC family Saturday Thanksgiving feast. Mommy FC is the best cook ever!

This li'l Pilgram is fully protected, if you know what I'm saying...

Jacob is always so helpful to Mommy FC...yuck.

What a marshmallow!

Food fight! Looks like Jacob has a wicked curve ball with the mashed potatoes.

Clean up is a bitch. Don't I look like I'm doing the Bella cross-eyed face?

Too bad you can't eat pumpkin was delicious.

I'll take a slice of apple pie with a side of Guidoward, please!

Hope you have all enjoyed these pics and had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


marie said...

BAHAHAHA!!! Love the pics.
The cross-eyed Bella face is priceless!

*gets serious, pouts*

I want a mini Jacob. I need

bierbeck said...

I want my mini figures. Maybe Santa will bring them for me.

KG said...

bwahahahaha this is awesome! my poor pocket e is so neglected. he didnt get to join in the fun during thanksgiving. i'll have to make sure he doesnt read this post, otherwise i'll have some 'splaining to do. lol

cutie said...

nom nom nom.

Meg said...

Marshmallow. That's funny.


Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

I really want a mini jacob too lol you had me at marshmallow lol

Call of Duty Widow said...

Nice ode to Varsity Blues and the whipped cream bikini on Edward. Did you lick it off? LOL

One Pushy Fox said...

I love that you "re-did" Thanksgiving on Saturday. We did that yesterday, too; at our house with DH's family. And I loved the dinner convo!!!! :)

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I love that the mini's got to come out and poor Mini-E had to stay sheathed in his protective pouch in my purse all weekend. (Although I did sneak in another viewing of NM on Saturday!)

Love the marshmallow pic...and the curve ball ;)

itsjustme1217 said...

Hilarious! Love it!

jrieggs said...

I miss real sweat potato casserole! I only ever get it up in PA!! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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