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BlogoWriMo Day 1 - CafePress Shirt Giveaway

Welcome to day 1 of my self-inflicted, made-up BlogoWriMo challenge. Let's all review why I am doing this:

  1. Support my fellow bloggers who are are participating in NaNoWriMo:
    Fragile Littel Human
    COD Widow
    Honolulu Girl

  2. Donate to an awesome organization, CCFA. Starting November 1, 2009 12:00 AM EST through November 30, 2009 11:59 PM EST, I will donate $1 for every comment posted on one of my BlogoWriMo posts.*

  3. I like pain.

So without further ado, you all know what to do. Clicky on one of the links below and find the shirt you want. Leave the the link in the comments section with your email address, t-shirt size, and color. The contest ends at midnight on Thursday, November 5th EST. The winner will be announced on Friday, November 6th.

CafePress Australia
CafePress Canada
CafePress UK
CafePress US

This is the one that Bitches is going to makes me giggle.


bierbeck said...,409050738

Size XL, color black, twitter name "bierbeck"

If you make a post every day to support your girls then I will read and comment everydat to support you!

Amcas said...

Don't judge me...,394455366

you know me, it's amcas

Meg said...

My eyes are too tired to look at shirts on cafepress. So I'll just leave a comment now and a shirt later.

My thoughts of the night: 1. Rob rocks. 2. New Moon comes out in like, 18 days. 3. Good luck with BlogoWriMo! You are braver/less lazy than me. :)

Call of Duty Widow said...,359786034 in green XL

I'm looking forward to your post a day. I have 3247 words for my NaNoWriMo so far. Going good.

Annie said...,294977709 in pink and white, size large please.

Kudos for trying to write a post a day! This month is going to be full of travels in the latter half, so I won't be able to do the same, unfortunately.

Annie said...

Oh, and my email addy is asimon78(at)aol(dot)com

SBGDGT said...

This is some task you are undertaking. GOOD LUCK to you and to the wonderful writers also :)

Ok, when I first saw that t-shirt, it made me think of the FF story The Ex-Factor. Lol, maybe you could check it out and see why (if it isn't totally obvious).,279247006

Black, XL :) Again, good luck!

Anonymous said...,370156832
Size M Color Navy

cutie said...

YAY for day one!!! =D

Sooooo I'm gonna try for this loveliness again:

Med please in Red.

Good luck and God Speed! I'z no you can do it!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I am excited for your Blogowrimo! and for sure I support you :)

This shirt I would love:

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

I gotta say once again you got balls! Its awesome that you're supporting the girls and their writing!

Here's my entry: XL in black and white!!,372198756

itsjustme said...,232593269

It's a good thing you're doing. This generosity is what makes the fandom great and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Smuttier Than You said...

WOOT for day #1!,371597975

Grey size large

My Twilife said...

Here is my shirt link:,370731883

Green, size Medium


And good luck with the BlogoWriMo challenge....look forward to all the reading! :)

Stacy AKA Mrs. Robward said...,390797511

Going to try this one...more...time...

I'm such a sore loser.

Oh well, my hats of to those ladies writing a novel. I'm lucky to write 500 words a week......


jrieggs said...

I like this one!!,171316850 black medium. but you and bitches picked out the best one!!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Ok, sorry you know I have to comment everyday. It's for charity, which BTW is an awesome ideal.

Here's my pic for a T and don't hate on me for choosing it:,403543662

Fire Crotch said...

Just so you know...all you girls who picked anything with a wolf or a reference to Jacob Black are being pulled from the drawing. Haha! I'm only kidding! I think it is awesome! And it's so unbelievable that you guys are picking stuff I still haven't seen! I feel like I have spent hours on CafePress looking for shirts! I really want this one and will probably have to buy it for myself:,346412980

Meg said...

Ok. This one made me chuckle. Mostly because I was just waxing poetic about Robward and the phone rang. Duh, people. Busy here! ;),367240330

kelly green, XL

You know where to find me...

Anonymous said...

size xtra large white
thank you

Dizzz said...

I love this one...,371597975

XL large

oooooh pick me pick me!!!!

Snarkier Than You said...

I LOVE the tee that Bitches is getting - lmfao!!! Too funny - love you guys! : )

Amber (EyesofAmber) said...,354067471

I want this one in a size 2

There are so many awesome designs on there, it's unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

I want THIS ONE:,332840665

Size: Lg Color: Black

I love what you're doing! <3

Anonymous said...

I forgot to give my email address:

BTW, when are the mini's going to be featured again? I miss them....

gogirl808 said...

I'd love this one please:,404430007

Size: Large, Color: Galaxy

Ooh, ooh, I sure hope I win! ^_^

gogirl808 said...

I too forgot to add my email address..doh!

It is:

kpkg04 said...

Love the blog and team Jacob.
Size: X-large
Color: Blue

One Pushy Fox said...

You are insane for doing this and I COMPLETELY respect that! :) I'm too late for the t-shirt but I just wanted to give you some comment love now that 1) I've hit my word count for the day and 2) DH is snoring away on the couch. So here it is:

****COMMENT LOVE******

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