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BlogoWriMo Day 26 - Giving Thanks

I will start off this post with a bit of mush, so just deal with it. I am thankful for all of our readers and commenters here on WBPH. You all have made BlogoWriMo a rousing success and I know that Fragile Little Human and CCFA are going to be really happy with the donation at the end of the month! Keep commenting...only a few more days left. Wanna know how much we have raised so far? Check out the thermometer over there -->

Okay, now onto the more base things that I am thankful for this holiday season:

  1. Doin' it - thanks Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson

  2. The DILF - thanks Mr. Weitz...even though you look eerily like the late Christopher Reeve and speak like a valley girl,I'd still do you because of your excellent work on New Moon

  3. Action Figures - I would like to amend this a bit...I'm also thankful to TSA for snickering every time my laptop bag goes through the X-ray machine

  4. Charlie Pepper Spray Rambo - thanks to Betti and Mrs. Vanquish for this wonderment

  5. Full-size Jasper - nothing more needs to be said...MJ and Cutie are da-bomb

  6. Haikus - I'm thankful for those girls over at the Twiangle; if you haven't checked out their Hump Day it!

  7. Robporn - amcas...I heart you!

  8. Fanfic - thank you for making me run through panties like toilet paper at the New Moon movie

  9. Phil Dwyer - if it weren't for you going off to Florida and playing minor league ball, Bella would never have gone to Forks...


Stan said...

All so true, lol!

And OMG, I've never given Phil much thought, but the whole thing is down to him! How did I miss that?!

Happy thanksgiving! xx

Veri word is thuffedg, this is a sound I make a lot when looking at pics of Rob *sigh*

Mrs. Vanquish said...

This is a pretty good list:)) I'm glad we made it in with the Pepper Spray Rambo Charlie Shirt :)

I heart you tons girl:) *hug*

Meg said...

We are all thankful for Phil. *Let us bow our heads and pray..our Phil, who art in heaven...*

Thanks for the shoutout. Everyone phollow phantastic phil!!!! ;-)

*big thankful hugs to you*

私は憎む Hawa said...


Call of Duty Widow said...

Hey, you guys have your first spam comment above! You have really made it now. The action figures look like they're enjoying the Bella girl on girl action there. Where's the Phil action figure with a baseball bat?

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

You rock! I am thankful for you guys for making me laugh! I heart you!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Yeaah!! you have s Spam comment! You are getting really famous now !

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

@FC - I'm thankful for the sassy blogger friends that entertain me on a daily basis when I'm too lazy to post anything. *high five*

Oh, and your action figures totally make me giggle.

@Meg - Phollow...definitely phollow.

cutie said...

Being that I just found the wonderment of the Phil blog I completely agree and am TOTALLY behind the get Phil on Twitter plan. Point the direction and I shall follow!

One Pushy Fox said...

Boy, I really am thankful for you ladies. I love your blog and I love that you did BlogoWriMo because it made me get off my lurker ass and comment! *kisses and COMMENT LOVE!*

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