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BlogoWriMo Day 17 - Are You Team Jedward?

No not the Jedward you think I'm talking about. I know you all thought I came up with a cutsie new Switzerlandish type name for those of you who are too pussy to pick either Team Jacob or Team Edward. Get it? The J from Jacob + Edward = Jedward. See what I did there?

Really the choice is clear isn't it?

Due to my love of(or near obsession with) BBC Radio 1 I have become aware of a duo dubbed Jedward. They're on the show X Factor (the British precursor to American Idol). Apparently Jedward is making waves on the show because they aren't very good singers. But just look at cute are they? They kind of remind me of Sanjaya and the ponyhawk.

I especially love how the one twins can't dance. Oh, and the other one can't rap. But their hair is awesome! I bet they are going to go all the way. Heck even Simon Cowell kind of likes them.

Check out this BBC Radio 1 interview with Mr. Pattinson. Apparently Scott Mills partied a little too hard the night before and wasn't able to make it to the interview. And since one of my co-workers interrupted my Pattinson rapture this afternoon, let's all watch it together.

New Moon is only 2 days away!


bierbeck said...

I have been wondering what this whole Jedward thing was that kept trending last week. Now I know! I will have to watch the video later because if hubs hears it he will freak!

Call of Duty Widow said...

I was wondering who Jedward was after seeing them as a trending topic on Twitter. I don't care how adorkable they are, if they can't sing I can't stand it. Come on people, pick Edward or Jacob. Bella can't have an eternal three way without one of the guys getting jealous. Just sayin'

Meg said...

Ha. Jedward. I wonder if they're single? We could double date.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I probably missed that on twitter yesterday, but rofl this cracked me up in the morning, Hello? They raped a Queen song!!

Seriously? Everybody loves them? Is there something wrong with me that I just find them funny?

Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

So listen here know I love you, but there is nothing pussy about the fact that I love them both!

Who should Bella be with? Edward, but that doesn't mean I don't love Jake too. I love them both, I just know who I, oops, I mean Bella, couldn't live without.

I saw and interesting Team Edward shirt earlier today...
Team Edward...Bella can have him, I want Jacob for myself

But I in no way am saying that I feel that way...just love them both.
Keep making comments like that and you're going to have to start watching your food. LOL

Oh, and the hubs said he picks Rosalie.

Alice said...

No Jedward for me, it's always been Edward for me.

Tonight's the big night for us! SQUEE!

Stacy AKA Mrs. Robward said...

Sorry Jacob, you come to Mrs. R's house you sleepin' in the dawg house =]

& Jedward looks like twin Vanilla Ice's, EEEKK!


Stan said...


As if it's not bad enough that Twit & Twat are everywhere else, now they're invading Twitardia too!!! Sorry, heard too much X Factor Jedward to be able to reapply the name anywhere else!

And no, nobody loves them, in fact it's a bloody mystery who on earth has been voting for them, it's causing a lot of mayhem over here, there's loads of FaceBook groups to get rid of them! Oh, and since I read they think they look like our Edward with their pale skin and that hair I've liked them even less. Blasphemy.

Anyway, more importantly, yes, I have room in my heart (and bed ;o)) for Edward and Jake :o)

Phew, sorry about the rant!


cutie said...


One Pushy Fox said...

I still think Team Switzerland sounds nicer. Jedward makes me think of Edward as a Star Wars Jedi. Weird!


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Alright, alright...I'm totally a Team Swiss pussy cuz they're all so damn fuckhawt. But I promise, as soon as they're both standing bare-chested in front of me I'll make my final decision. But not before I make the sandwich offer...

Go Team Jedward!

Anonymous said...

Anyone with knowledge of anything vampire would know that the original Bella and Edward were Béla Lugosi and Edward D. Wood, Jr., and there was no Jacob in that!

Besides, the Jedward twins are the greatest thing to happen to music since Ella Fitzgerald. A great protest against all the drab, repetitive music in the charts these days.

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