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Happy Halloween!

Martie and Bailey wanted to show off their Halloween fashions. They weren't too happy with the last minute selections. I will probably have to take them to PetSmart to make it up to them or feed them some Peeps. Next year I think they will make a fabulous Edward and Bella!


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

I'm in love!!
Martie, Bailey... this is as good as Rob in GQ!
It must be - Mexxi was screenlicking...

Meg said...

Turtle has the same collar as Martie. Great minds think alike! ;)

BTW, Hot Guy Across The Street got home this morning at 6:00. Wonder what he was doing out all night? A guy dropped him off...not sure what that's all about. Yes, my stalker skillz are off the chart.

itsjustme said...

So cute!

jrieggs said...

What cuties! But I can't read them, what do the shirts say? And just because you're obsessed with peeps does not mean you need to inflict odd shaped marshmallows on your doggies!!

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