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Young Men, YUM!

So mommy FC couldn't stop gushing over Justin Timberlake on SNL last week. (I'm thinking we might need an intervention if I find pictures of JT plastered on her bedroom wall like the niece). Being that I'm always behind on my shows, I just watched it today. This clip really spoke to me. Please to enjoy.

So back to cute younger guys, um, sorry forgot, we weren't talking about them. But I just saw that movie 17 Again with Zac Efron, wow, cute right? He is kind of "pretty boyish," but whatev. Bitches' younger sister was right...I kind of feel bad for making fun of, not really (yes, I tend to ridicule my loved ones for crazy fan girl tendancies). And of course there is the beloved RPattz, but seriously, I'm all about some Jackson Rathbone.

I even suggested to Bitches that we go to the Twitour in Atlanta, but alas, someone just went to Italy (missing the Volturi shooting of course) and can't take any more time off from work. Boo...but maybe I will just go without Bitches and have Jackson all to myself, hehe. So now I'm thinking that I need an intervention for my inappropriate younger crushes. I am so my mother's daughter.


Dizzz said...

How was 17 again? I was trying to drag your niece to see it, but she doesn't wanna go... BOOOOOO!!!!

Fire Crotch said...

@Dizzz It wasn't worth the $10 I shelled out for it...definitely matinee-worthy though. Can't believe she wouldn't see it...see if we invite her to see Star Trek next weekend.

jrieggs said...

PS- I would fight you mom for JT to the death! He's mine ladies :)

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