Share our love of handbags, books, and all things gossip...okay, and Twilight too.

We're two delightfully crass gals who spend an inordinate amount of time texting and e-mailing one another throughout the day. We've decided to expound on some of our best work. Please to enjoy.

Don't Judge Us

Inspired by the likes of Twitarded and TwiCrack Addict, we've decided to start our own blog. While we both are deeply and irrationally in love with all things Twilight, we have made sure to make time for our other loves as well. These loves include, but aren't limited to, books, celebrity gossip, and purses. Please note that while we will do our best to keep our content PG (ok, fine, PG-13, who are we kidding?), at times we will be unable to help ourselves in the name of humor. Because of this, some posts may be rated TV-MA LSV. Admit it though, the trashier the better. And, if you don't, and you're easily offended, we suggest you take your blog-trolling elsewhere and not come crying to us.


Bitches and Fire Crotch (aka FC)

P.S. Thanks IBitePrettyHard for allowing us to ride your coat tails.

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Snarkier Than You said...

We likee. Write more stuff!

: )

P.S. All-things-Twilight will eventually take over all other gossip pursuits, so better start saying your fond farewells to Perezzers now. Just sayin'.

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