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Is Robward Causing My Breakouts?

So after suffering oh, my third breakout in as many weeks, I am beginning to wonder if Robward and all things “tween” are causing my breakouts. I still remember the Neutrogena commercial with the chick from Ed when she said something along the lines of, “I thought I only had to worry about wrinkles as I got older, not breakouts too!” Man, that really shocked me. And now as I begin my third decade, not only am I freaking out about the “fine lines and wrinkles” (more like a crater the size of the Grand Canyon) around my top lip, but I’m still dealing with breakouts. I can only surmise that my recent obsession with all things Twilight (let’s face it, it’s a “tween” phenomenon) has brought on the breakouts. Bitches with her creamy, alabaster, un-pock-marked skin has even been dealing with some little nasties recently.

Not Bitches and one of the few un-gross pimple pictures/videos I came across. Seriously there is some gross stuff out there on the web.

Perhaps all of the hours hunkered over my laptop drinking soda and eating anything within reach has contributed to my skin’s rebellion. Or it could have been the move to the teenager moisturizer I did about a month ago because I’m trying to use up some old Mary Kay inventory. Perhaps it comes from sleeping in puddles of drool as I dream about me and Edward doing things so not in the books. Or maybe it’s the daydreaming whilst resting my head on my favorite Robward pics from Cannes. Ladies, fear not, these breakouts can be controlled. Seriously, Marie Claire magazine wouldn’t lie:

1. Keep your hands off your face. – What about hot sexy vampire hands?

2. Don't scrub. – But I feel dirty after reading the Twi-smut!

3. Easy on the foundation. – So maybe I went a little overboard with the white foundation…

4. Identify blemish patterns on your face. – Um, those aren’t blemish patterns…it’s just where I dream of Robward kissing me, hehe.

5. Start a treatment skincare routine. – Note to self: stop using all of your old Mary Kay crap and get new Mary Kay crap

6. Get serious about it. – Who says I’m not? I mean I’m thinking about taking a break from blog trolling so I can clear up!

Okay, so I did get serious about it the other night and put on some acne treatment gel…yeah, the burn was so good…not really, but the breakout sitch seems to be under control…until next week’s batch of pics. Hehe.


Mr. Bitches said...

Its your mind thinking that both of you have reverted to your teenage years! The brain is a very power tool and when it is only experiencing teenage things it starts to believe it is a teen again and lets breakouts occur.

Biter's Remorse said...

Maybe all the Twilight pics are evoking all your fluids...ha ha ha...that sounded so gross. lol

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