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The Finallys

Okay, so you all should have had plenty of time to watch the season finales or finallys (as The Soup likes to call them). Here are my thoughts on my important shows…seriously, I shush anyone who tries to interrupt my time with these lively programs.

1. Grey’s Anatomy

So, I’m not really sure why I keep watching this show, it’s so self-loathing, oh yes, now I remember. One man, Kevin McKidd. I hadn’t really seen him in anything else before, but instantly liked him when he was on for like one episode last season and was pleasantly surprised when they brought Dr. Hunt back this season. One of my recent obsessions is the Outlander series…so I truly picture Dr. Hunt as Jamie the hero of the Outlander series. Well, shall we say, it’s pretty hot and now I find myself drooling over his scenes in Grey’s. So, anyway, back to the show, looks like he and Christina are going to give it a go (yay!), Derrick and Meredith still aren’t married (I don’t care what you say about the fake vows in the locker), McSteamy is growing up, Lil’ Grey shut McSteamy down, oh yeah, and Izzie and George are probably dead(kind of relieved at this point, although, pretty much wish it were Mer and George).
2. Private Practice

OMG! Is Violet going to die (and whose baby is it already? I totally hope it’s Pete’s because I am all about some Pete bedroom action…see I can like older men, hehe)? Is Naomi really leaving the practice and what does that mean for Charlotte? And I just want to say that I am pissed that Addison cheated…ugh, again!

3. Brothers and Sisters

So the Walker clan goes to Mexico to rescue Tommy (who doesn’t want to be rescued…yeah this is what happens when you cheat on your real life wife with Sienna Miller). Anyhoo, Robert and Kitty need to break up already and anyone tired of the Justin+Rebecca thing? Yeah, me too. So, I want to know more about Ryan Lafferty (and not only because he totally could have been in Twilight).

4. CSI Miami – yeah, you’re all thinking, that’s a pretty cheese show, but alas, I *heart* Horatio Caine and his sunglasses

Okay, so WTF happened to Eric (and really you should watch this show because he is tasty even though his clothes stay on pretty much all the time). And are he and Calleigh going to seal the deal already? I have to say that this season-ender was almost as good as last season when you didn’t know if Horatio was dead or alive. Crazy! And did y’all catch Brian Austin Green?

5. Gossip Girl

XOXO…Gossip Girl goes to college. Need I say more? Oh, yeah, and Little J gets to be queen.

6. 90210
So, I couldn’t help but think how ridiculous a sophomore prom is, and I couldn’t help but compare it to the original 90210 prom when the worst things were that Kelly and Brenda wore the same dress and someone was going to have sex in the hotel. Yeah, it was a much gentler time. Now we have kids making sex tapes for class projects, older sisters sleeping with each other’s boyfriends, girls going into labor, and…wait for it…guys swapping tuxedo jackets. Oh, but that’s how Dixon found out that Ethan has a thing for Silver (I still can’t get over the fact that they call her by her last name…it’s such a guy thing). And did Annie really hit and run? Anyway, I really can’t get enough of this show…AnnaLynne McCord really is great (but heck, she was crazy good on Nip/Tuck too). So, if you don’t mind the sometimes ridiculous former stars dropping in, check it out next season. Can I say how much I am looking forward to Melrose Place? Oh, and while I was perusing the Melrose Place clips…the CW has another new show…they Vampire Diaries, hehe.


Tenacious V said...

Oh, FC, say it ain't so. We have no shows in common besides CSI: Miami. (Although I do keep up on Grey's so I can gossip about it.) Never in my life have I felt the need to watch MORE TV, but here it is...

jrieggs said...

That's all we get for the grey's finally, really? I thought it was awesome but then again you've hated it for like the past 2 seasons...any yet you keep watching...oh well, I loved the fake vows but you're right they don't count. Maybe next season...

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