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PE Makes Friends with the Natives

After picking PE up at lunch from Bitches, it was time to introduce him to my babies.

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...

What a stupid lamb.

What a sick masochistic lion.

Hold on spider monkey!

Do I dazzle you?

You're intoxicated by my very presence.

He looks at you're something to eat.

Yes, you are exactly my brand of herion.

...and fade to black...

Hope you all enjoyed a look back at some great quotes from SM and the movie. And as if that weren't enough, courtesy of I bring you Mommie the Pooh.


codwidow said...

Your dogs look just about amused with PE as my cats would be. They pretty much ignore everything. I love how Mommy the Pooh, Daddy Eeyore, and Baby Tigger look like their costumes didn't need any extra stuffing. How the photographer took that picture without peeing his pants laughing is beyond me!

Tenacious V said...

M&B look complete unfazed by Pocket Edward. Such laid-back dogs...such the opposite of BB...

BTW, you rock at PE manipulation, FC.

How many more abbreviations could I use in three sentences?!

Snarkier Than You said...

Looks like a good time was had by all and everyone is going to get along swimmingly - lol!!
(Beautiful greyhounds, btw - they are such amazing dogs!)

And dear lord that picture of "the pooh family" is breathtakingly frightening. I am off to see what other terrible terrible stuff they have over at the website!

Anonymous said...

In my future...I will one day have a mommy and pooh picture like that. What kind of husband agrees with that? -JR

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