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Scorned Lover

There was a time when I prided myself on being a fairly well rounded individual when it came to current events. I'd usually start my day with some CNN to see what was going on in the world, then make my way over to US Magazine and People to see who was knocked up and who had split up. My other trollings would take me to TMZ and the NY Times. Every time a new political scandal broke or spring breaker went missing, I was on top of it and followed the story until the body was found or the political figure was cleared of any wrong doing, naturally.
Current events hasn't been the only area of my life to suffer. Tivo's have taken a terrible hit as well. Every day I see the long list of Oprah, Gossip Girl and 90210's glaring back at me like a scorned lover. I keep making promises, telling myself that tomorrow will be the day I give them my undivided attention, but that has yet to happen. Mr. Bitches had to all but threaten me last week to watch American Idol and we're still a week behind.I realized I had a problem recently when my coworker expressed her delight of Drew Peterson's arrest for the muder of his 3rd wife. This is a story that I had followed for quite some time so the fact I had missed such a huge development was a big wake up call. This has happened repeatedly over the last month and it's all Twilight's fault. I say it's all Twilight's fault because that's what began my downward spiral. After completing Twilight I just couldn't stop! After an appropriate period of mourning (2 days) I took FC's advice and began the Southern Vampire Mystery series and now I've moved onto Outlander (in which FC has promised me much adult content...horray!). And, when I'm not reading, I'm trolling the internet in an attempt to score more Twilight scoop. Now, instead of reading the news I find myself religiously checking my favorite blogs for up to the minute Twilight happenings. I personally recommend TwiCrackAddict for it's very informative nature and TwilightWidower's and Twitarded for their pee yourself humor. Well, enough of that. FC just informed me I have another couple hundred pages to go until I get to the especially salacious bits of Outlander.
Speaking of internet trollings, I just couldn't help myself. It cracks me up every time.


Mr. Bitches said...

Dude, it's not just tivo and the news etc that's scorned.... I NEVER see you anymore :) dinners together... whats that? The dog is begging you to spend time with him with those large puppy dog eyes. All we know you as is "The lump on the living room couch that screams SSSSSHHHHHHH whenever we make a peep.

Ok, I may be exagerating a little bit but you sure are into these books!

Bitches said...

Hey...this is merely payback for your basketball obsession, which left me single for months on end for the past seven years :-D

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