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He's All Mine Ladies!

After capping off my last night shift at work until November, I awoke this morning to an extremely pleasurable tweet from RobsButtonsBabe. Check out this great video she made of Cannes Rob (my Rob remember?) and it totally brightened my day, not to mention made my morning shower more exciting, hehe. Please to enjoy the wonderment!

Make sure to check out her YouTube channel for more amazing Rob vids!


Bereth said...

This vid is sooooo sexy! It brightened your day! I made me all wobbly for a while... can't stop watching it!

Anonymous said...

I love that I became the official GIVER of Rob's! It's like I have all this power...
I don't know how that happened. Probably not a good idea.

THAT is what I actually meant to come on here and post about. I <3 U.

RobsButtonsBabe said...

*mwah* all for you babe!! ;)
all cuz #womenwinkbetter

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Fucking delicious!!
But just to mention, since I own his hands, some of those pics truly belong to me ..

Bitches said...

That song is absolutely priceless! I'm not quite sure how I feel about the *excitement* you received during your shower...

mmMoxie said...

A mighty good man indeed! I wish I knew how to put actual video in videos.

cutie said...

Oh dear lord I hope to hell he is not a wham bam thank you mama... you know what? I'll fucking take a wham bam thank you mama... *starts breathing heavily*

Okay I must finish the video now. *scrolls up*

That was beautiful wonderment! You Cannes Rob is amazing! Now if you don't mind... I'm gonna press play one more time. *wink*

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