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Wanna Be a Vampire?

After scouring the interwebs for hours looking for the perfect pictures to compare the new Vampire Diaries hunks with our beloved Edward Cullen and Angel (seriously, check out the eyebrows on Stefan people), I finally checked out the CW's website. I finally got some good pics. Seriously, check out the similarities between Angel and Stefan. Do I really need to point out the eyebrows, the lips, the smoldering pouty puss?

After some more goofing around I happened upon this nice widget. I will warn you, you're going to spend a couple of minutes with this, but it's totally worth it right? Okay, well, maybe only worth it for those of us who have no idea how to Photoshop anything.

And I totally have to share my vampire self. Hot right?

Of course I took it upon myself to vamp up Bitches too! You. Are. Welcome.


cutie said...

I have yet to see the Vampire Diaries. I am thinking I must check it out. But with the way I roll it will be when it's on DVD. I am still sadly behind on True Blood... The whole season, by the by. And all you Twitter fools have me so freaking curious!

FYI: I heart Buffy. This is all.

Oh and you and Bitches make some freaking hot vampies. nom nom nom

Bitches said...

I'm definitely seeing the similarities between Buffy and Stefan...Stefan looks like a younger version of Buffy... I have to say that I'm loving this show and can't wait for this next weeks episode!
Ok, I saw Cutie's comment in my e-mail before I even saw this post - and by her last comment thought, "sweet baby jesus, what whacked out jank has she posted and why does it seem as if our photos are involved?!" heh I have to say, we are rather becoming as vampires! I'd totally let either of us have a tasty bite. heh

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I so loved Buffy and Angel! I had every season on DVD, and you know there are a lot of them.. After I rushed through True Blood I need definitely now check on the Vampire Dairies, just need to find the perfect link where I can watch it.

And your vampire me pictures are great, you both would make pretty good vampires:)

Honolulu Girl said...

You know I watched the Vampire Diaries and I'm still not there. I think I need a few more epis to get into it. It was just seemed so cliche with the Black Crow and the fog....It seemed very twilighty and I very aware the books are older but still too twilighty for me.

Bex said...

Bite me girls!! You make such smexy vamps! ;o)

jrieggs said...

Ooh, I want me some Stefan! Just because of that pic I'm adding Vampire Diaries to the DVR (my only excuse for not watching yet is that I'm woefully behind on all my TV :( )
Love the vampire pics ladies!

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