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How Does This Relate to Vamps?

I've really gotten behind on my gossip and decided to peruse US Weekly this morning. And what did I find besides Jon Gosselin's douche status being confirmed over and over again? A little ditty from the Backstreet Boys. Apparently they are coming out with a new CD in October *FC jumps up and down and squees just a little*. So of course I decided to watch the new video and this is what I saw (sorry, embedding is disabled, but if you click the pic it will take you to the vide on YouTube).

Now, I heart vampires in a big way just like the rest of you, but after watching this video, I started to smell desperation. The title of the song is Straight Through My Heart, so I guess with the vamp theme they are going for the stake through the heart deal. Somehow this just seems like they are reaching. Maybe they are trying to tap into the mature Twitard market since we were teenagers when the BSBs were cool. I give the video 3 out of 5 mehs. Seriously, they needed to throw in some sparkle action and/or some hot, shirtless vampire guys. Oh and in the whole video the boys aren't vamps, but wait for it...warning, spoiler ahead, at the end they are!

I raise my bottle of Diet Mtn Dew to the boys and wish them well on their comeback (isn't this like their second one?). Not sure if they will warrant their own cruise or anything (like NKTOB), but if they come anywhere near where I am, I will totally go to there. And perhaps in their next video they can get on the rolled up skinny jeans train and writhe around on stripper poles like Miley (seriously, when did rolled up skinny jeans become a trend?).


Anonymous said...

Wow, that screencap so totally give me the creeps!! Never really got into the boy bands (unless Duran Duran counts), but more power to 'em ;)

Annie said...

Bwahahah, that's hilarious. And rolled up skinny jeans need to go die a slow painful death somewhere far, far away from me... as a high school teacher I see them entirely too much.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I watched it to the end! I didn´t know they still exist and the only boybands i liked were NKOTB and *cough* Take That. Although I never was obsessed like I´m now with Twilight. Never- Ever.

I guess, Vampires are just sexy and one can sell sex more to a mature crowd of people. And everything to do with vampires is just "in" at the moment. Be it Twilight or True Blood - though, I might be biased.

But I don´t get the end: a good vampire either dies in the sunlight or sparkles, but not just walks away!!

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

@Mrs. Vanquish I don't know WHY I watched it till the end lol

I am so disappointed in them! The song is good but the video...NOT

Bitches said...

I must admit that I was also a BSB fan back in o day. I would totally accompany you to a show should they come to our area. heh.
In regards to the trainwreck that is the Gosselin's, this evening I deleted the TiVo's that have been piling up & cancelled my season's pass.

Whitley said...

I'm not going to lie, I'm freaking excited as hell for this BSB comeback. I think I can still get Nick Carter to marry me.

But this video?...Not so much. I much prefer the "Everybody" video, where they were all creepy character. That video rocks my eyeballs, and the song is flipping awesome!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Oh. My. Gawd.

Could barely live through the first round of boy bands (I was too busy being a ghetto fabulous, middle class white girl in the suburbs, head bobbin' to some old Snoop, Dr. Dre and Biggie - yeah...I really was that laughable).

But yeah, I agree with Mrs. Vanquish that they're trying to jump on the bandwagon and squeeze a few extra fans out of the twi-world.

Whatevs...this old gangsta bitch (as in office space vs. printer gangsta) is diggin' in the heels of my Timbaland boots on this one and shouting "no, nooooo, please make it stop!"

Anonymous said...

I was never on the BSB i can't feel compelled to watch the vid or get excited.. :(

Honolulu Girl said...

I hate that everything is Vampire related. Yes, it sparks my interest but I hate it!

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