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Sweet Redemption

Less than 48 hours after I began, I am finished. Well, done with the available chapters that is. Don't get me started on THAT. I feel as though I have a major case of blue balls waiting for the next chappie. Besides the cockblock, I absolutely LOVED The Office. I was addicted immediately, and couldn't put it down. I am also in love with the Beautiful Bastard. *sigh* FC was right when she said I needed to stock up on La Perla. I'd barely been reading a few minutes when I arrived at some yummy panty soaking bits and it pleased me greatly that they were quite frequent from then on. I also enjoyed seeing a different side of Bella. She seemed to grow a pair, she didn't allow him to walk all over her and was quite sassy. A gal after my own heart.

Just a few minutes ago, I was checking out one author's blogs when Mr. Bitches came up behind me. He was like, "that's a boob!" When I explained that this was one of the author's sites, he was delighted and said he wanted to read whatever *that* was. When I told him it's an actual story that includes smut, he said "I don't care, so long as there's action." Nice. Might I remind him of his fine collection of Letters to Penthouse he might appreciate a bit more.

I've now decided that my next conquest shall be The Submissive. Not only have I heard that it's excellent and full of smut, but it's also complete.

Oh, yea, I also have an irresistible urge to go shopping for panties...I'm thinking this weekend. I have an idea Mr. Bitches won't mind!


half_my_self said...

The Office is the hottest fanfic I've ever read...Beautiful Bastard OWNS me!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I love me some Beautiful Bastard!
You will love Domward as well, I´m pretty sure!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

ah... The Submissive - good choice.
And double fun b/c you have also the complete counterpart (i.e.same story from EPOV!!) in The Dominant.
Just great! Have fun!
(And yes... I loved BB too, but he can't beat Tattward - just sayin')

Latchkey Wife said...

Uh, speechless. BB ruins me!

tasha... said...

Panty-ripping is FTW! Will Mr. Bitches be joining the TwiFic fandom soon??

As much as I love the BB, Domward will forever be my choice. *wink* Can't wait for you to read it!

RunsFromReality said...

Glad you liked it . . .and yes, I too have found that reading the Office make one want to go panty shopping. Just because.

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to The Screamers (on

Anonymous said...

ah ha! I'm all about the BB.. It's such a hard choice to make. I can't decide my fav.. Tattward is pretty fucking awesome.. Domward is a FTW.. ahh. I just can't make up my mind..

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