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Kickin' the Tires of the Regal Cinema

Much like everyone else, Bitches and I were very excited about the New Moon ticket pre-sale last week. Actually, Bitches was worried all week and finally sent me this email on Friday:

To: FC
From: Bitches
Subject: NM Tix

Ok, I was thinking about this the other day & the Twitarded girls said they just got we need to purchase our New Moon tickets now? Have you heard anything in regards to them going on sale in our area? I know it's a couple months away, but I'd be beside myself if we didn't get the midnight showing. I must look into this. I also think we will need to get to the theater early in the evening & camp out for good seats. I'd knock out a set of teenyboppers & risk arrest before sitting in the front. Ok, just had to get that off my chest. I feel much better now.
As I was working nightshift last week and was pretty much out of the loop, I immediately went online and found the tickets. But there was a big problem. The tickets are only being pre-sold for one theater in our area...the Regal Cinema. And of course it isn't our normal theater. So Bitches and I went back and forth all weekend and just couldn't make a decision. Finally we decided we just had to experience the theater. So last night we went to see a movie. We weighed the pros and cons of going to the Regal instead of the AMC.

And they said I wouldn't learn anything in business school! Pretty evenly matched wouldn't you say? In the end, the loveseats, the pre-sale, and the potentially un-ghetto crowd totally won out. Bitches better keep the armrest up...we may need to hold each other when Edward goes away *tear*.


Jenny Jerkface said...

You could always do what STY did and just end up ordering tickets for the wrong theater. We are now the proud owners of four tickets (granted there are only two of us but we're hoping to sucker two more in, at least to man the cameras) who will be attending the New Moon premiere somewhere we did not intend on going. Like the ghetto.

Anyway, I feel your pain. If you want mayhem, go to AMC. But without preordered tix it's sure to be a cluster fuck of prepubescent females.

Good luck. ;)

Bitches said...

As of this evening, we have secured two tickets to the midnight showing at Regal Cinemas. I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. They have been placed in a secure location and I shall guard them with my life for the next 73 days.
Don't fret, I'll be sure and leave the armrest up...we can comfort & console one another...perhaps even cuddle too, if you're lucky ; )

@Snarker... Oh nos! That's awful! After reading your comment, I actually ran to check our tickets to make sure I had the right theater! *whew*

Meg said...

Got mine this weekend too! Now I'm just waiting for my Robward flask to arrive and I'm ready. *tapping foot* It's gonna be a long couple of months...!

cutie said...

Oh, I am slightly biased here, because I worked at a Regal Cinema back in the diz-e-day. And a little Jasper lovin' freak and I shall be seeing the movie in a Regal on opening night.

Bitches, the MOMENT I knew the ticket were available I was online faster then you can say fanfic whore. The end on that one. And being that I'll be with a scrappy little teen (shhh don't tell her I said that. bwhahahhaha) I've got the adult mom and teen angle covered. We shall be punching tweenies left and right for our freaking seat. And I WILL pull out my blog card and Twi-pure card as well if ANYONE dares to talk during the movie again. *shakes fists in the air*

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