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Look...I'm Famous!

A few weeks ago I received an email from someone who stumbled upon our humble blog here and requested an interview. An interview with moi? Apparently she was interested in my Kindle reading habits. Long story short, since I'm an attention whore I totally did the interview and have been waiting eagerly for the article to come out online. So check it out here.

Yeah, that's the story right below some stuff about Obama, the cast of 30-something being in their 50s, some chick who slept with Bernie Madoff, and some story about Muammar Gaddafi. While I'm a little bummed that the blog wasn't mentioned, I'm pretty psyched. I mean, I totally got one of those cool quotes in the middle of the story!

Oh, and on another note about famous people, I saw Robert Irvine from Dinner: Impossible (it's on the Food Network) in the airport this afternoon. Yeah, he looked exactly like he does in this picture. Tight black shirt and everything. I was quite shocked because I was all the way in terminal E in Charlotte (it's where they send planes to die), and I never would have thought he would be flying in one of those little prop planes.
Absolutely no one looked like they recognized him. So what do I do? I whipped out my iPhone and tried to get a pic...crappy camera...he was too far away. So then I decided I would just walk right over there and introduce myself and try to get a pic. But wouldn't you know they called my zone and I wasn't going to let anyone get on the plane and take up my overhead bin space. Alas, no picture with a somewhat disgraced tv chef. Oh well. What does this experience tell me? I know I would totally have the guts to go up to Jackson Rathbone with Memory_Jean and ask him If You Seek Amy. Hehe. Although, my stomach kind of felt yucky after the Robert Irvine I might throw up on him. Oh well!


cutie said...

Bwahahah... I LOVE Dinner Impossible. (side note I tend to call it Mission Impossible which truly confuses the world. *shrugs* But I digress.)

You'd have to drag Memory over there, FYI. Her face would be bright red and probably in her shirt. But then she'd act all too cool for school when she told everyone the story. And if that day comes I want videos and a play by play from you, Fire. Because that will be some funny shit!

CONGRATS!!! I love those quotes in the middle of a post. They do look extremely important no? ;)

Anntastic23 said...

I'd totes have gone with you to get the pic!!

WELL DONE on the interview. You, right under OBAMA??? Love it. Congrats to you. It does suck they didn't mention the blog though. Next time, eh??

Bitches said...

Woot!! You ARE famous! I totally think you must laminate this puppy and give it to your mom & grandmother. I think the grans would especially love it.

jrieggs said...

Congrats on the article!! How fun! I think I really will have to ask for the Kindle for xmas this year.

Umm, I love dinner impossible! You're overhead storage totally could've waited 5 min!!

Annie said...

Congrats on the mention in the article! I know a famous person, woot! :D

Mrs. Vanquish said...

You are famous now! do we now need to pay to see your blog? you could take an entrance fee. Honestly, I would, since I love you and Bitches for this freaking funny blog!

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