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Guest Post and Peace Out Yo!

fanart manip by Angela at Lion_Lamb LJ

In case you missed the ad on the right side of the screen, I did a guest post this week (thanks Cutes!). And now you know why I neglected WBPH this week. Sorry peeps...please come back! My visitor counter is suffering withdrawals! Check it out because I did an awesome job...and really, I'm being modest. I could really go on and on about how great this post is. I have already received threats from the other guest bloggers because they are so jealous of my mad indentation and italicization skills. If you don't go and read it AND comment, I will rain down my crotch fire upon you. BEWARE!

Additionally, Bitches and I will be traveling to NYC this no new blog posts until Monday (possibly Sunday if you are good). If you see two girls licking the ass of the bull statue on Wall Street and fondling his balls...yeah, that was us. The Edwards (...and Bella too, meh) will also be going (some will be traveling in business class...others will be back in coach *cough* Bitches *cough*). Check back for hilarious pics next week. TTFN!


cutie said...

LOVE IT! And I would LOVE to see some ass licking pictures! Wait --- I'm not sure I should say that here. Um... Anyway -

THANK YOU FOR THE KICK-ASS guest post!! It is sofa king awesome and I am EVER so grateful to you for doing it!

Annie said...

Squee!!!! I have to read these next chapters like five minutes ago. Can't wait to read your post! :D

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