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Rant Wednesday Or Not

Yes, it's Wednesday, my normal ranting time. I could go off on the douche bags at Hardees who took 20 minutes to prepare my burger and didn't give me any napkins after I specifically asked for some, or I could go off on the ass hats in the room next to me who sound like they are having a kegger with prostitutes, or I could go off on the complete fuckery that is Jon and Kate Gosselin and their misguided kitchen remodel and capturing dating escapades for their children to see on film. However, I am going to abstain and instead bring you stuff I find totally awesome this week.

  1. Cutie, her blog, and comment awesomeness - If you haven't checked out her Wide Awake discussion or her Masen post, what the heck are you waiting for?

  2. Annie and The Danger Magnet character discussions - This week's discussion is about Renesmee...yeah, I know...I totally want a shirt that says, "Demon Baby Like-It-Size Lover."

  3. Fan Fiction - Wide Awake, The Dominant, A Twisted Twilight Tale, and Breathe Me - If you have been reading fan fiction, what are you reading? I'm not going to start dealing the fic, but this is what I am enjoying right now.

  4. Memory_Jean and her hubby

  5. Amcas and her limitless Rob Porn collection - Whenever I need a wetRob, Darkward, or crotch porn pick-me-up, Amcas is there for me.

  6. Jeff Lewis and the "bad baby"

  7. Dog the Bounty Hunter - I can't really explain my love for Dog, but I can tell you that my cousing totally addicted with her FB statuses about how she watches it at 1 in the morning during break.

  8. XM Radio channel 29 - BBC Radio 1 - I heart British accents. And the British rap is super stupendous.

  9. Addicting another friend to The Saga

  10. True Blood and its men (not Bill, he's old and gross)

So, I hope you enjoy some of the things that I am enjoying this week. Love you guys, love your show.


Anntastic, YankLimey, ImSober said...

Don't even get me started on Fanfic. It's sucking my life, though my hubs is enjoying the benefits. I could write a huge LIST of all the good ones, though lately my FAV is Let Your Light Shine by Lolashoes (

The must-reads for every fictionator have to be WA, The List, Dark Side of the Moon, The Office, Gravity, Creature of Habit, The Submissive/The Dominant, The Arrangement... I could go on. My to-read list is long...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for pimpin' my story! It makes me so happy that you like it :) Everyone else mentioned are incredibly lovely as well!

P.S. The only man for me on True Blood is Eric!! *swoon*

Annie said...

Woot! Thanks for pimping my blog, girl! And now I need to go watch that True Blood video. (Again.)

Anonymous said...

I got a shout out.
My RobPorn dealin' ways are my calling card.
At least I do one thing well...
(well, I do two things well. you don't need to know what the other one is)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Congrats to infect one more friend!
I´ve watched that True Blood video, wow awesome! I desperately need to get a copy - soon!

RunsFromReality said...

You should also check out Buried in the Begonias for split personality Edward, Poughkeepsie for Rosalie as an assassin, and Well, this sucks: Life According to Seth for humor.

Barflys and Boycotts is a cute hot one too.

I'm also reading Art After 5, but its gone all weepy and I'm not sure I can handle the heartfail. Clipped Wings and Inked Armor is a continual win, but you read the blog so you saw me rec it last week (and thanks for reading, btw!)

Call of Duty Widow said...

How great of you to take your anger and turn it into something positive. Thanks to twitter being down, I'm working and thought I'd take a break to check out your new post. Thanks for almost making me pee my pants with the bad baby video! I forgot how funny that was. I'm still resisting the fanfiction wagon since I'm not done with the host yet. That book is killing me! Plus I have 5 books waiting in the wings for when I'm finished with the evil host. I <3 Eric too. It's nice to see his bad side on the show since you don't see much of it in the books.

jrieggs said...

Woot Woot! I made the list!
Umm, so did I mention how the whole beauty salon was talking about Twilight and True Blood last night? It was so funny to see all these prissy ladies going on and on about makers and vampires and getting changed and how hot this one is and they would totally do bad things to that one. This vampire epidemic is turning all the suburbanites into blood sucking sloots!!

cutie said...


Firstly, thank you SO much for the shout out. And I'm number one to boot! WOOT! Masen has very much taken over my mind. And I know for a fact he will be making another on appearance on SSTB very very soon.

But the thing that's got me sniffling is my Memory is on your list with her loverly husband. Which makes me sofa king happy. I LOVE that the two of you are Tweet Tweet Friends. Truly, it's the best damn thing ever...

Okay clearly I am sappy cutie right now. So I'll get out of here before I get my ass kicked for being such a pussy.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post.. Pimpalicious.. <---spell check hates that word..

I think i need to read a twisted twilight tale..

Ivy Lane said...

Thank you FC for mentioning my fanfiction story! I really enjoy writing it and it makes me thrilled that people enjoy reading it. I must say that my favorite fanfic to read is DurtyNelly's Buried Among the Begonias. Masen makes me tremble!!!! :)
Becuase you have made me soooo happy today, mind if i post a sneak peak to chap 11 in this comment section?

Ivy Lane said...

A Twisted Twilight Tale ~ Chapter 11 Sneak Peek!!

Edward was completely fascinating; there was no doubt in my mind about that. He made me tremble in pleasurable ways; I had never felt like this before. I wanted to feel his lips on mine, to run my fingers through that soft, wavy hair. Being overwhelmed by Edward in my “dream” was possibly the most erotic moment of my life so far, and I was unsure if I ever desired it to end. The aggressive way he acted however, like I was a toy for him to play with, was disturbing to me. I wanted to feel cherished and loved, not owned and controlled. I wanted to be able to be free, to live my life as I pleased. Be a person, not a possession.

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