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Attention Network Execs!

I have come up with the perfect combination for a new TV series. Humor me for a few moments if you will. I think once you have heard me out, you will see the ultimate genius of my idea and immediately order 26 episodes for the fall season. I like to think of it as a Facts of Life remake.

Picture it, Miami Beach, Florida present day. A group of bad-ass teens (who are of course easy-on-the-eyes) attend boarding school in one of the hottest destinations in America. But this isn't just any group of teens, they are hard-living (drink Jack and Jose, no Cosmos for them and ride Harleys), trust-fund darlings who all have an important secret: they are offspring of some of the oldest vampire families in the world. And this isn't just any boarding school...they will be groomed to infiltrate the highest levels of society. But one woman alone seeks to destroy them. Let's follow the ups and downs of teenage life (think drug ODs, unexpected pregnancies, murder, and general mayhem in South Beach).

What I'm looking for is Gossip Girl but with a little more edge. Maybe one of the Olsen twins, Ali Lohan, Brody Jenner...the possibilities are truly endless. For the nemesis character, I'm thinking Megan Fox. People would like to see the shit kicked out of her on a weekly basis. Plus it will pull in the mae 18-34 demographic as well. I think Heather Locklear would be perfect as the head mistress (à la Mrs. Garrett).

I'm definitely feeling Pitbull's I Know You Want Me. I think he will be all in for a remix for the opening credits, no?

As remakes go, this will be even bigger than both 90210 and Melrose Place. I've pulled together the holy trinity of what is hot right now: Vampires+Boarding School+Miami = tops in the Nielsen ratings. I'm looking at you ABC Family...this is truly a "new kind of family" and would totally fit in with your programming (or at least put you head-to-head with the CW).
**Special thanks goes out to my girl Memory_Jean. You helped spawn this idea...let's make it a reality together!**


Call of Duty Widow said...

Um, I'm thinking your show would have to be on HBO or Showtime. People would watch this just for the "train wreck factor" of the actors you chose. I'd watch it!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I just hope, since this is your show, that you´ll make sure that the poor German will also see in a reasonable time frame, not a year later.

The actor choice is great, but please, one Olsen is enough! They might begging you both to get a role, stay strong!

mmMoxie said...

One of the characters should have to be on roller skates 100% of the time.

jrieggs said...

Sounds like a winner to me, I would totally watch. I'm thinking FX, they're allowed to use some swear words and partial nudity and both would totally be necessary. Brody might be a little too pretty but it could work. Good call on making Heather the headmistress!

Anonymous said...

That is truly one hell of a spectacular idea!

Christina Padilla said...

i would so watch that show in a friggen heartbeat!! Sounds like pure gold to would be awsome to really pitch that.

ps. now that pit bull song is stuck in my dang head.

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