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Pocket Edward Does NYC

This past weekend Bitches and I went to NYC with a 6 other hawt chicas. It was a big group and while they all know about our Twilight obsession, none have been successfully converted. That's a fail, I'll admit it, but I'm going to lay all the blame on Bitches. She sees these girls every Thursday night while I battle through airports. Anyway, the girls were quite accepting of Pocket Edward and our zany picture taking, and from checking out their pics of us taking pics of PE on Facebook today, it was a highlight of the trip.

We had to stop and get a picture with this amazing likeness of PE. The vendor hurried over to see what all of the hub-bub was about since there were 8 girls all circling this one picture with cameras and an action figure. I couldn't really tell if he was concerned or amused.

We visited the NBC store and went a little crazy. Neither of us watch Heroes, so we don't really know who this guy is, but Edward could totally kick his ass. I mean, the guy's name is Claude and he has a bird. Unless the bird can read minds and snap through steal with his beak, Edward wins.
Bella decided that she could take on this chick in the wife-beater. Can anyone tell me why she has and extra head? It's kinda disturbing. A guy came over while we were taking pictures in the store and totally felt that the Heroes figures were better than PE...ha...whatever!

Screen lickers unite!
And then Edward decided to do some licking of his own. I'm not sure what drew him to Smurfette, but she is pretty smurfy. Things started getting a little out of hand and we had to make a quick escape back to the t-shirt section.

I want to go to there!
Edward decided to do a little rock climbing in Central Park. He was happy to be in the outdoors after being followed around Bergdorf Goodman's by not one, not two, but three security guards.

Edward was eager to mingle with the ladies in Times Square. Unfortunately he thought the sign for the Virgin store was a place he could find actual virgins...heh, yeah, no.

All in all, everyone we met while taking pictures with PE was very receptive and helpful. Bitches has some more pictures in places like FAO Schwarz...yeah, we bring our own toys to the toy store. Heh. I'm already looking forward to all of the amazing pictures that I can take on my vacation in Florida...yay!


Bereth said...

I can tell you were having too much fun with PE. That's why you didn't shop so much. Love the pics!


Twidiculous Wives said...

"Unless the bird can read minds and snap through steal with his break, Edward wins."
I am laughing so hard.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Every Girl must just love Mini-E !!! He´s adorable.
Btw, Heros is great. love that show!

Bitches said...

I just have to point out my steadfastness in proclaiming my love of all things Twilight on Thursday nights. I have been spreading the word & they haven't been listening, much to my distress. I must say I'm looking forward to PE's trip to FL!

jrieggs said...

I can only imagine how many security meetings were held after ya'lls you mean these 2 grown women just walked around the store with dolls...sorry Twilight (wasn't that a book for teenagers Joe?) dolls, taking pictures of everything and giggling? Have we done an inventory to make sure everything's still there? Do we need to protect against these kinds of situations in the future?

Love it!

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