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Oh the Suite Life!

Just when I thought I would have nothing to blog about today, turns out membership has its privileges. When I checked into my hotel this evening, I found out that I had been upgraded to a suite. Yeah, a suite. Obviously the little checker-inner people had no idea what they had just unleashed on the Taft Suite.

Welcome to my sitting room. Yeah, I'm totally rocking that leather sofa later. I'm thinking silk floor-length nightgown, champagne, and the pool boy feeding me grapes with my head lolled back on the arm of the sofa. Okay, well maybe not...I'll leave that to Pocket Edward and Bella.

For all of the times you have wanted to entertain a party of 6 in your hotel room, I bring you the dining room table. Ick...looks like Bella and Edward already got there.

I seriously tried to figure out how to turn the fireplace on...I can see the pilot light, but no dice. Ew! Pocket Edward and Bella are gross! Can't you two keep it zipped up for 15 minutes?

Hand-crank record player anyone? I'm totally getting down to the "Fair and Warmer" foxtrot later on tonight.

Check out the claw-foot tub. And let me just point out that this is the second bathroom. I'm not going to show you the pic of Pocket Edward and Bella in the tub...let's just say there was bubble-age and clothes all over the place...what a frickin' mess!

Oh, sweet baby Jesus! I have to sleep on that bed tonight! Yuck! Why do they always have to have three-somes in my hotel rooms?

Now I need to call maid service to come and sanitize the room. I'll sit here and watch one of my two TVs while I wait. And the Privacy Please hanger is totally going out tonight...


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