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Pocket Edward Does NYC: Part Deux

As FC told you all yesterday, we took a girls trip to NYC this past weekend. The girls had been forewarned weeks in advance of Pocket Edward's presence during this trip and advised he would be whipped out at a moments notice to document his journey to the city. They were surprisingly welcoming of him and even offered suggestions.

On Saturday, we stepped into FAO Schwartz. I say stepped because we literally "stepped" in and out of the store. We bailed while the other gals shopped & power shopped our way through the Apple Store & Bergdorf Goodman's. We didn't last long in Bergdorf Goodman's since we were rather offended to be trailed by 3 security guards. Come on, don't we JUST look like the type that would stop in and pick up a few 5K bags? Hmph. Anyhow, PE rather enjoyed his 2 minute stop in the toy store.

While we were snapping away, a grown chick walked by and actually squealed to her boyfriend, "Look, it's Edward Cullen!"

We also stopped by the NBC Store in Rockefeller Center. PE was rather excited to see Matt Lauer and begged for us to take his picture with him. He's a lot taller than I'd imagined.

I think FC may have been grabbing Matt's ass.

No trip is complete without frolicking through Central Park. Yes, that is me cheesing it like the psycho freak I am.

PE was feeling rather frisky and was copping a feel of my boob. I didn't mind. I liked it.

PE had no part in the following images you are about to view. We found ourselves with some time on our hands and since I have no shame, the following events kept us entertained. If you have a weak stomach or you're easily horrified by 80's apparel, please do not look at the following pictures. Please to enjoy.

What terrified me the most about this get-up was that Mr. Bitches was mildly turned on by it. *shudder*

You may have seen me on the street corner in Times Square working as a Lady of the Night.

As we all know, FC is OBSESSED with unicorns. I think she can literally spot one in a mile radius. So, NYC was no exception. She jumped up and down like a three year old when she saw this gem.

I'm thinking Christmas pressie.

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Jenny Jerkface said...

First of all, you're freaking adorable!

My gawd, did you try on that gold lame (er, I think that's supposed to have some sort of fancy little thing over the 'e' but it cracks me up even more that it doesn't) outfit at American Apparel? You'd fit right in at Williamsburg but honestly - you look pretty freaking good in that outfit. I'm impressed.

Loved the mini E pics!

Anntastic, YankLimey, ImSober said...

It's no coincidence that Lame (with the accent) is just LAME when it doesn't have one :)

BTW, I SO want that shirt. have been jonesing for it ever since Dwight sold those dolls on the blackmarket on last year's XM episode.

Your trip looked fab. Did any new purses make it home?

Eyes of Amber said...

The trip looks awesome! I love that the girl noticed Edward. That's hilarious!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I´d have loved to see Mini-E in the apple store! Maybe I have to bring him there myself...
I´m sure you had a great time, it´s always fun doing such trips with friends and now even wit Mini-E - awesome!
As I said before, you are a hot and beautiful chick, even in that outfit.


jrieggs said...

Dirty girl, grabbing Matt's arss! Ugh, and is that a repeat of the gold pants in between outfits? Maybe if you start working the corners you could supplement your Twilight-related purchases budget?

Anonymous said...


Bitches said...

@Jenny Jerkface... It all went down at H&M and I have a feeling the sales girl in the fitting room wasn't thrilled by our hysterical fits of laughter at clothes she most likely owns herself. ha

@Anntastic... Unfortunately, no purses made their way home with us this trip. I procured a swell bag during our trip to Italy/France in March, so I had to pass this time *tear*

@jrieggs... Yes, they are the same leggings in each pic *gag* Despite their appearance, I must say, they were very comfy & hid cellulite well. Doesn't matter, though, you wouldn't catch me dead in them. In public, or in the privacy of my own home. Sorry Mr. Bitches.

@Mrs. Vanquish... Pics in the Apple Store would have been great! If the place hadn't been so jam-packed with people we would've whipped him out! hehe

Tenacious V said...

I like that FC got fresh with a cutout of Matt Lauer.

Also, Bitches, were those gold lame leggings hard to shimmy into and out of? I was once, at age 12, a "dancing girl" (aka concubine) for one of the Three Kings during our church's Christmas pageant. (I know. Right?) We had to wear lame, but it was blousy. Let me tell you, that shit don't breathe. AT ALL.

Bitches said...

@Tenacious V... Surprisingly, they weren't that difficult to shimmy in & out of. But, perhaps that's because they were about 3 sizes larger than my normal size. Which scares the tar outta me since they should have been even TIGHTER! *shudder* So, concubine, aye? I'd like to see some pics of this! Along with the bachelorette party pic of you involving the banana : P hehe

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