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Rant Wednesday...and a Shout Out

No, I'm not going to go off on those Twat Rockets who attacked our beloved RPattz the other day. I think we have all seen and heard enough about all that.
CLT - yeah, starting to be my most unfavorite abbreviation ever (right after PHL and ATL)...also known as Charlotte Douglas International Airport. I apologize ahead of time for the second airplane related rant, but this really was too good to pass up. So, as I lay dozing in my seat (it was o'dark 30) waiting to land in Charlotte on Monday, the wheels were down, we were descending, the runway was in sight, and the next thing I knew we were quickly veering up again and my ears were popping like bitches. Yikes, WTF!?! A few minutes later, the pilot came on and said that he preferred not to land on a runway when another plane was on it and decided to pull up and come around. Hold the phone...another plane? Yeah, that's what he said. I tend to not pay attention to plane crash stories since I travel on them every week, but Mommy FC likes to point t

CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 16:  A US Airways plan...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

hem out to me during our Sunday evening chats (I think it's part of her evil plot to get me to move back home). Anyhoo, apparently a similar event happened at good ole CLT a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, so if it isn't ground stoppages for weather, runway construction, or other stupidity, CLT is beginning to be the bain of my existence. Oh, and the guy sitting next to me on my next flight was wearing a navy blue sports coat. Nice.

However, I would like to give a huge SHOUT OUT to the pilot of US Airways flight 3111 for not getting me dead on Monday morning.

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Anonymous said...

I don't "do" planes! Glad he pulled back up instead of taking the crash option..

Fire Crotch said...

@Aimee - me too...probably if it had been one of the batch of usual young kid pilots (seriously they let 20 year olds fly planes) I would be dead.

Latchkey Wife said...

Holy fuck, I would have totally shit my pants!

jrieggs said...

Well I'm glad you didn't crash but I still think you've been going on this route long enough that you should be able to take off and land without air traffic controllers. Just "love tap" the other planes and they'll get out of the way ;)

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