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Impending Doom

With the assured impending doom that is Jon & Kate Plus 8, I ask you, will you watch tonight

Rouge le Fou (163.365 7.16.08)Image by midnightglory via Flickr

to see what the big announcement is? In my heart of hearts (WTF does that mean anyway?), I totally think TLC is over-selling whatever this announcement is and we will all be disappointed.


Mr. Bitches said...

You know if it is that they are getting a divore Kate is going through all the coupon pages to find a cheap divorce lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Of course they are going to over sell it. They have to now. People hate the show.err Kate.. But like a train wreck people can't turn away from things they hate so some people continue to watch.. I won't watch.. It makes blood pour from my eyes and ears. The sound of her voice.. ugh! I'll just read about it after it airs..LOL

jrieggs said...

I think it has to be the divorce. Plus if they split then TLC can make two shows out of it, a half hour for Jon's life and a half hour for Kate's. Then you could have the dating with 8 kids special, the strain of splitting parenting, etc etc. They could double their profit this way!

themrs said...

ugh, i keep hoping this trainwreck will end but i'm thinking they'll just announce they're getting counseling or something. their ratings have gone way down the last few weeks so they're just trying to spike them up. i won't be watching. God help those kids!

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