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E3 and Twilight

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So the BF (IBitePrettyHard) went out to LA last week to go to E3 (You don’t know what that is either? Check it out here). He’s kind of a big thing in the online drumming community that is Rock Band (yeah, he used to be in a real band, now he plays on TV). Anyhoo, IBPH is also Bitches’ oldest brother and we sent him off to LA with some specific demands requests:

1. Bring back a signed autograph from
Kevin Pereira, The Cable Television Darling™ (okay, this was just for me, heh)
2. Meet up with his friend who works at Summit (yeah, I know, THE Summit) and wrangle us some kind of Twilight swag (like tix to the New Moon premiere)
IBPH gets an EPIC FAIL on #1, so I will just have to satisfy myself with this pic from Kevin's flickr.

Actual caption: “Don’t mind me. Just sexing up the MS party.” I know, it’s kind of blurry, but he’s hawt and hilarious…a lethal combo.

On #2 we may have some progress. After blah blahing about how he couldn’t meet up with his Summit friend because he was at a Lakers game and then some indy film premiere, IBPH said he did finally meet up with him on Saturday night. And here is my quote of what the BF said Summit friend said, “I will see what I can do.” OMG! Yeah, totally freaking out. Now, this may come to absolutely nothing, but you never know. Bitches is going to put this in as a prayer request.

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Bitches said...

Can I just say how excited I am at even the mere prospect of some Twilight swag?! It doesn't take much to excite me...Sorry about the big Kevin Pereira disappointment...sorry man.

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