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Good Cop, Bad Cop?

Last week SIL (sister-in-law noobs) FC sends me an email about this Twilight themed jewelry set that she just has to have. This coming from the woman who put off reading Twilight for months and then gobbled up the entire series up in 4 days mere weeks ago and is threatening bodily harm to the person who ruined Midnight Sun. Anyway, I ignored the first email thinking that surely she would come to her senses, but then on Monday morning I get the following email.

Subject: Happy Monday
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 07:03:28 -0400
From: SIL FC
To: Fire Crotch
I am afraid I am losing my internal battle to not buy that jewelry set I was telling you about last week. It is $150 (which is $50 more than I expected). I SO DON’T NEED IT!!!! But it keeps calling me! I see them for a lot more than that at other places, so I am wondering if I should just buy it and gift it to myself for Christmas (yah I know 6 months from now). I have not told Brother FC, but then again he can’t say crap cause he has those lightsabers (seriously? I had no idea he was such a nerd) he loves so much and they were just as expensive! What is your opinion on my craziness?

So obviously my SIL is in crisis, I mean, Twilight jewelry? I'm not hatin' or anything, but c'mon. I can only imagine that it's pretty cheap looking and probably won't help with ming reading. Plus, can I live with myself if she has Twilight merch that I don't? But am I ready to shell out that kind of money? So I shoot off the following email.

From: Fire Crotch
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 12:46 PM
Subject: RE: Happy Monday
I can definitely say, don't get the jewelry set (this coming from the girl who now has 3 Twilight dolls). I just hope that I am not too late. I mean seriously now, are you going to wear it for real? And wouldn't you like to put that money towards something else? If you really want, I now have 2 Cullen crests, so I could make earrings out of them if you would like.

Twilight charm braceletImage by GeekMom Heather via Flickr

Fortunately SIL FC backed down and decided that she should back away from the computer and save her money for something else. I can only imagine the ridicule she would endure from the niece (her daughter) who started the Twilight mania. So, did I do this because I really believed that SIL FC was nuts for spending $150 on Twilight merch (good cop) or was I secretly coveting the jewels and wanted them all to myself (bad cop)? Hmmm...we'll have to see what Amazon is delivering later this week, heh!

Comment or DIAFOC (just try and figure that one out, I dare you!).


Anonymous said...

I'm sure its a little of both! I mean we can't help but want what others have..LOL.. Even more so when its twilight related! But also 150$ for it is INSANE!

Dizzz said...

I should have known this would somehow get into blog world. ~Blush~ In m defense ladies and FC, our niece is mad at you for deciding me against getting it, as she figured that one day it would be hers. Have you seen the jewlery i refer to, FYI? Probably not, but I'll send a pic just for you. It is replica jewelry, so i am sure it is probably not something you would ever find in a jewelry store. Does the autograph from Peter Facinelli add value to this extreme purchase? I see a great deal on ebay today FC... muuuhahaha have i lost my temporary sanity due to this blog.... perhaps. :)

Dizzz said...

Hey FC, check out my new blog in response to your blog :P

I blame you of course. I always do when it comes to Twilight. Don't tell your brother!

Fire Crotch said...

Holy crap! It is exactly the set I thought! I can't believe that you bought it! Crazy...and I thought I was being ridiculous! Okay, so I totally found what I am getting the fam for Christmas last night...even the boys, heh. I might break down and buy early so we will all have them when we go see New Moon in November.

cuteangiek said...

Hey there! LOL I love all of this.
Great post. Wonderful blog. :)

jrieggs said...

that bracelet doesn't look too obvious, so if anyone tries to judge you for it just ask how they know it's Twilight influenced!

Dizzz said...

Jrieggs ~ The picture of the bracelet is my SIL's nice way of showing my purchase. Trust me when it arrives, my husband (Brother FC) will have NO doubt where the collectible came from, unfortunately for me. Now my newest dilemna is FC's niece now wants me to give it to her! Of all the nerve, lol.

Dizzz said...

FC ~ i can't wait to see this "gift" for the fam, but i don't think your brothers will appreciate anything Twilight related. Your brother has threatened to throw the DVD out the bedroom window if he catches it in the PS3 again. I don't understand why he is so Twilight hateful... :(

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