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Lost Boys - Part Deux

Okay, now that I am back in civilization (meaning I have internet where no sites are blocked and cell phone service), I have spent hours catching up on all my favorite blogs, celebrity gossip, BDB book #7, and TiVos…so what am I to do on a Saturday night when I have my house all to myself? Yeah, watching Twilight again held some allure (although I did just watch it on Thursday with sister-in-law FC), but I figured that I should watch something on Netflix since I’ve had these DVDs for like 4 months. Okay, so the movies are a no-go (no vampire genre, hehe). What’s in the Watch Instantly queue? Hmmm…Lost Boys: The Tribe. Okay, so I spent one summer in the 80s watching the original movie like 57 times. I guess my vampire love goes way back. Oh yeah, and my love for Kiefer Sutherland…hehe…in an interesting twist of casting Kiefer’s half-brother is in this movie…and no he can’t do the breathless whisper talking that Kiefer does so well on 24.

Golden eyes...wonder if he is a vegetarian like the Cullens.
Um, okay, so back to this movie…yeah it is pretty craptacular…Corey Feldman is in it (seriously, does this guy age?), they have recycled a lot of the dialogue (“death by stereo” anyone?), and even some of the music. And how did they film it so it looks like it’s like 20 years old? Seriously, awesome. According to IMDb, there is a Lost Boys 3 in development. Here’s hoping they bring back Corey Haim, hehe (oh snap, CH got turned into a vamp…gotta watch the end of the credits to see that). Alas, this 1 hour and 33 minute trip down memory lane didn’t really satiate my thirst, hehe, so maybe I will watch True Blood on demand.


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