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Mommy FC is Team Jacob

I'm not sure exactly how or exactly when it happened, but Mommy FC is decidedly Team Jacob. I know...this is quite a blow, but I will just have to move on. Here are the facts as I know them:

  1. I forced Mommy FC to start reading The Saga last month
  2. She read Twilight and New Moon during her Canadian Rockies trip...she kept me updated via text - "Just finished Twilight! LOL!" - apparently Mommy FC thought LOL meant Lots of Love...super cute I know.
  3. She immediately went out and purchased Eclipse and Breaking Dawn upon returning home...was there second-hand embarrassment? I don't know because she won't speak of the shopping expedition.
  4. She is currently reading Eclipse every waking moment, well except for when she is doing cross-stitch (seriously, she has been working on this same project for over 3 years and still isn't done).
  5. Upon seeing the cover of the Sexy Stars of Twilight New Moon edition, she remarked on Jacob's "hotness."

Yeah, number 5 kinda caught me off-guard too. Mommy FC was utterly captivated by the picture of Jacob on the know the one of him shirtless and looking over his shoulder with those bedroom eyes. Yuck! After I told her that baby Tay-Tay is a mere 17 years old, she was utterly unabashed. Apparently there is "no way a child can have muscles like that." Um, okay.

So when I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday to pick up a couple more copies of the Sexy Stars of Twilight New Moon edition, I also picked up a Jacob bookmark for Mommy FC. She was pretty excited when she found it in her copy of Eclipse. I guess I know what to get her for Christmas.

Note to Self: Do not go out with Mommy FC when she is wearing this sweatshirt. You know she will wear it the grocery store, post-Christmas shopping, and possibly even to work with a festive turleneck underneath. Oh, I am afraid...very afraid!


Mrs. Vanquish said...

I love it that our Moms read Twilight, it´s great!! Seeing that MommyF says Jacob is hot, makes me feel a bit better....
Still feel bad about looking at this pics with naked chest - too much for me, way too much ... He.Is.A.Kid!!!

You have to buy her that shirt, *giggles* that´s awesome!!
You know, my mom is actually Team Carlisle.. I might buy are also a shirt but she won´t be able to understand it since she can´t speak english..

Dizzz said...

Team jacob? SERIOUSLY? GASP!!!! What am i to do with mom? LOL ~ Laugh Out Loud not Mom's Lots of Love :)

Smuttier Than You said...

It's great Mommy FC is reading the Saga. Mommy Not So Smutty still thinks I'm hitting the pipe and is considering an intervention.

Mrs. Robward said...

OMG! Funny!

Ya know its kinda like me, sometimes I like cheering for the underdog to beat the higher ranked team. Cuz ya know that's what it's like for Team Jacob, you are rooting for the team that is going to LOSE! We all know Jacob is going to fall in lurve w/a baa-bay (said in Fat Bastard tone from Austin Powers) No Bella for that fella!

I will never cheer for TJ though.

Mrs. Robward

jrieggs said...

That sweatshirt would be perfect over a green turtleneck with a Christmas tree embroidered on the neck!! I can picture it now, you two Black Friday shopping....maybe over an orage turleneck with a pumpkin on the neck?

rpfangirldc said...

My mom would never read Twilight. SHe thinks its a waste of time that I have read it as much as I have. (If only she knew about the Robsession and what a Twicrack Addict that I am...)

I am still lost on the whole Team Jacob thing... Jacob... Everytime I think about him, my mind goes back to Shark Boy. LOL

Meg said...

LOL We could stage a cage fight between the middle school Team Edward-er I pass waiting for the bus every day and Mommy FC. Think she'd put up fists to defend Tay-Tay? ;)

@Smuttier Than You: My mom just rolls her eyes and tells me that I need a new hobby. But then totally fuels the fire by telling me she saw a poster of "that vampire guy who you have taped to your bedroom wall" at the mall and almost bought it.

Twidiculous Wives said...

I feel your pain. My "friend" did the same thing to me. She wants a Team Jacob shirt. It hurts me just to type that.

Honolulu Girl said...

Well, I could see how Mommy FC would be Team Jacob. Bella does toy with Jacob's emotions quite a bit through out all four books. Till he freakin imprints on Renesmee, ewwww. But let's pretend that didn't happen. Jacob is a good guy in the books.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get that shirt. I have introduced a lot of friends to Twilight and about a third of them are Team Jacob.

Fire Crotch said...

@TwitardedMom - It's a Do a search for Twilight Moms Jacob. There are TONS of options!

Bitches said...

I'm so disappointed Mommy FC is Team Jacob. I really think you should get the shirt for her. Jrieggs is right, it'd look great with a holiday turtleneck.

itsjustme1217 said...

You know what, I like MommyFC very much. She's honest about what she wants and not afraid to bend a few laws if she can get it. *salutes MommyFC* I respect that.
LOL for lots of love is the best thing I've read all day! So. Cute.
And you know she can not wear that sweatshirt...without some Edward earrings. *wink*

laura said...

you know, it was probably my mom who told her it meant 'lots of love'... that totally sounds like something out of aunt FCs brain... or maybe they made it up together!

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