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I'm a Pimp Yo!'s a fine line that I tread every day. A couple of months ago SIL FC rec'd a new fanfic story that she was reading. I felt such a sense of accomplishment at that moment. I think SIL FC is one of my most successful Twi-conversions to date. I had nurtured her from an eye-rolling mother of a 12 year old Twilight lover to a fanfic rec'er! Whoo! Anyway, this story got my heart pumping in all the right places starting in the very first chapter with this Dark-Domward who takes what he wants. So what did I do? I stayed up all night reading, rec'd it here, and then sent the author a comment to check out said blog. And then that's where some slight stalking came into play. If you haven't seen my pap pics of unsuspecting hotties in airports and poolside, then you 1. have been missing out and 2. should should definitely follow me on Twitter. Anyway, out of my stalking and possibly some revoked restraining orders comes this wonderful author interview (well part 1 anyway). Without further I present Ivy Lane and her story A Twisted Twilight Tale.

How did you get hooked on The Saga?

I was completely a Twilight virgin until someone close to me convinced me I would love the series. After starting the first book; I was hooked. It became “My own personal brand of Heroin.” I read all books cover to cover, enjoying each one until I completed Breaking Dawn. I felt bereft; what would I do with my time now? I wanted more juicy stuff, more information and viewpoints on the story, which I had already twisted into my own personal fantasy. I then allowed myself to watch the movie (I did not want to be affected by the actors portraying the characters prior to my imagination taking hold). I admit myself slightly disappointed in Twilight, but it was inevitable since they had to mutilate the story to fit into their time frame. I dream of a future with Midnight Sun being released, giving me more of Stephanie’s viewpoint on how Edward thinks, even though my fantasy Edward is just perfect for me currently.

Is this your first fanfic?

It is indeed. I started very hesitantly, unsure if people would enjoy my writing; several times I almost stopped actually. New writers are extremely affected by negative feedback, and although I treasure all my reviews, a few had me discouraged and created some writer’s block moments for me. But once I had no other avenues to cruise down to get my Edward fix and had read all the fiction I could find with “my kind of Edward” in them, I thought perhaps other readers like myself may enjoy my imaginative creations. So far I am very happy with my work, and cherish all my readers and reviewers. I have a couple more ideas for new stories that are going to fall within my Twisted Twilight Tale time frame. The next one I have in the outline phase, which I have tentatively named Half-Moon, is a “what if Bella and Jacob get together when Edward leaves” thing. So it will have a dual timeline within it... Bella/Jacob and Edward/_______ Can’t give that up yet. Sorry. So I will go back and forth. Not sure if people will read it, but I am sure there are some Bella/Jacob fans out there.I also want to work on The Volturi Affair, which is the predecessor to this one. Which means my beloved half-bloods will feature in it, as well as our sexy Edward. There are still a couple things people don’t understand about Ivy/Edward and I do that on purpose; I am awful aren’t I? But what you don’t find out in ATTT will be revealed when we travel back to the time Edward lived the Volturi, and thus spent time with my sinfully sexually-active half-bloods.

Why did you start writing this fic? What/Who inspired you?

I was inspired to do this fic from my drug dealer, who told me I would truly enjoy the series and the fiction that is available on the Internet for free. My eyes widened at free; gotta love freebies! I wrote this for her actually, and I must say she is a completely awesome person, although she may not know I feel that way. My other inspiration was DurtyNelly, who showed me that Edward does not have to always be a gentleman for girls to swoon over him! Love her stories, you should read them if you haven’t already. As I perused the abundance of fan fiction, I noticed that Edward did not really act like a vampire. I mean he was one, had the gentlemanly attributes of someone who had lived a long time, however he was generally docile compared what I expected from a vampire smelling the sweetest blood ever. So I decided since dominant Edwards are somewhat limited in fan fiction, that I would write some juicy M rated stuff. I continue to write because you and a few others wait ever so patiently for my updates and really seem to enjoy the way the story is progressing. I get so upset when a favorite story I read never gets updated, which is why I try to have at least one update per week, if not more. There is one I just took off my favorites list ~sniffle~ because it hasn’t been updated in eons and the writer never responded to my inquiry if she would ever update. So instead of being frustrated with looking at it, I removed it from my line of vision.

You say that your Bella isn't quite as "blah" as Stephenie Meyer's Bella. Could you elaborate?

Ok I may get stoned for saying this, but I am going to come right out there and do it. I never truly warmed to Bella. She acted like she is quite a fighter, but I felt her a bit wishy-washy. She didn’t have the confidence I was hoping for, and she buckled under pressure. She wanted Edward and was blatant about her attraction but turns into a wobbly mess when he leaves her, not the confident “I was going to ask what his problem was” and getting ready to walk out on him at the restaurant I was expecting. The “you can’t leave me” was a bit pitiful for this vibrant and mature teenager. I know women are very emotional creatures, but she got on my nerve at points. This is where Ivy came from, to be honest, but I will elaborate on this later. But you have to admit, at least for not liking Bella much I give her some pretty interesting experiences to deal with, don’t I?

Your Edward is pretty used to getting what he wants and using his powers to get it. Is he going to regret dazzling Bella to get what he wants from her?

My Edward is a bit more primitive and wild. Vampires to me should have some kind of violent tendencies. But I am evil enough to say that although he may regret the “dazzling”; he wants Bella and intends to make sure he does not lose her, regardless of her frame of mind on the matter. Primitive, yes; Dominating, of course. Fucking sexier than hell, I like to think so. He is impulsive, and you will see that he is not done being “persuasive” to Bella when he feels it is needed.

So if this has your interest peaked, then go off and start reading! If you need more, well stay tuned for the second half of the interview. Let me just say, it gets a little spicy. Happy reading...meanwhile I am already stalking my next unsuspecting author...hehehe.


Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

This sounds off the charts thinks I must go read it!!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Mmm. This Edward can dazzle me anytime, he sounds yummy~ Must check it out.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks Fire for this pimping interview!! I like A Twisted Twilight Tale a lot, but I really came rather late to it... But now I love it.
Waiting for the next part of the interview and I truly hope Ivy forgives me that I didn't review so far.. :(( I'll definitely do it!

Christina Padilla said...

i'll have to read me some Twisted Twilight!!!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I didn't know you had it in you (the pimping and stalking that is). Definitely glad I'm following/stalking you on Twitter now so I'm in the know ;) Great interview...sounds like a good read!

Ivy Lane said...

I am so touched that you deigned me worthy enough to feature on your blog, i am without words! I hope your readers like my tale, I will note that Chapter 26 is almost done and I will have it to IcarusToSun to beta by NOON! Since I hinted I might do so, I will post a really small peek at my newest Chapter, because well... I luv ya! Hope you like it!!!

Chapter 26 ~ By Candlelight Sneak Peek!!



He pulled back his head with surprising strength, breaking my grip and causing me to gasp. “No Bella.” He admonished, “I am not playing that game with you today. Say it first.” He stared into my eyes, his desires clearly visible. His entire body became tense as he lifted himself up off of me, leaning back on his haunches to gaze at me in disappointment. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed, shaking his head and pursing his lips together agitatedly, brow furrowed.

“Must I play the rapist every time I touch you Bella?” he ground out, his muscles tensed. “Why must I constantly beg for something that belongs to me?” he hissed, practically leaping from the bed in his agitation. He paced the floor like a caged animal, and then paused in front of the dresser briefly, eyeing the candles thoughtfully.

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