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What the Eff Have I Been Doing?

Okay, so it's been over two months since my last post. I know you have all missed me dearly. Um, well maybe not. The lurkers have still been checking out some choice images on the site pretty regularly though. Yup, I totally see you all. Anyhoo, what the eff have I been up to the last 2 months? Here's the update:

  1. Online dating - My goal is to be one of those cheesy, good-looking eHarmony couples on those commercials that are on all the time. Seriously, start watching live TV (non-Tivo'd) and you'll see a bajillion of them and you will want to kill those people. More to come on the online dating...seriously, I could start a separate blog about it, but I won't.
  2. Hesseltime - I haven't made any time for any blogs lately...except this one. Seriously...check it out. You won't be sorry.
  3. Strap Perfect™ Bra Concealer Clips - Do you have a problem with your bra straps falling down? No, well I do...I was constantly adjusting and feeling myself up...those days are over. I got these "As Seen on TV" clips and let me tell you, the girls have never been higher. Someone actually stared at my boobs instead of my face yesterday!

  4. Trips - I went to visit MJ and Cutie over New Year's. More to come on this trip. But yes, we met Jackson Rathbone. I spent the Super Bowl with Meg, and let's just say I did not partake in the special brownies. And this weekend, Amber and I are going to a Twilight Convention in Atlanta!
  5. Pranks - I got moved to another cube at work and now hang out with 2 really awesomely fun and smart guys*. They have been keeping me on my toes the last couple of months, hence less time with you all in bloggy land. However, they do not love my RPattz calendar...and a prank war was begun. There will be more to come...with pictures.
  6. Bewitched Bookworms - Check out the new blog that I am participating in with some highly esteemed company. We'll be reviewing and discussing books here, so check it out!

So, I'd like to welcome you all back and hope that I have whet your appetites for what is to come!

*I had to say those things about my coworkers because they found this blog 2 weeks ago and threatened to plaster pictures of me in the Snuggie and other compromising positions all over the office. Really they are mean, scary troll boys who only speak Klingon for fun.


erikasbuddy said...

u're gonna be in ATLANTA?!! DUDE! I'm like less than 2 hours away!! Hit 20 and come to my house!! Then we'll hit 65 and go to Fragile's! Wait.... am I revealing too much? Naaa! Come stalk us! That would be super cool!

OMFG! U met the precious (yes... he my new precious... and yes I still can't spell) I iz so jealous! Did you pet him? I know I know.. You must respect the precious but I would have secretly petted him.

HAHA!! Love the bra clippies. I have lack of boobage so i don't think they'd work for me. I'll just stick to my sports bra and my patented (oh that can't be spelled right) Uni-boob. It makes me look cool ;) Plus people stare at my chest trying to figure out if I'm a boy or a girl when I rock that (no seriously... I've been asked twice this year and its only march and I'm freaking 31!! maybe I need those bra clips to help perk the girls up... wait.. I need boobs to do that with)

HAHA!! You want to be an e-harmony couple? u don't strive to be one of those phone call chat line party girls that I see on late night tv with the sultry hair and the tramp stamps?

Oh u poor thing! Klingong co-worker trolly boys. I can sympathize. Tell them to shush up and then rave about how uncool Sex of Nine is (this will royally piss them off... trust me)

Hoorays for your great comeback to the bloggy world!!


P.s. I still think that all a snuggie is is a backwards robe. See! Not much has changed since you've been gone ;) I still hold that opinion :P

One Pushy Fox said...

This is so freaking funny! First off, I couldn't read Hessletime, I was too busy laughing at the pics. Secondly, I am DYING to read about the prank war. Co-worker pranks are 4THEWIN!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

You are back !!!!! It was freaking time to come back! Seriously, you left us hanging too long!
So yes, I want to hear about the Prank War - I had something similar at work ...
and I have to check out those Strap Perfect™ Bra Concealer Clips, I need them!.

Welcome back !

mmMoxie said...

Welcome back!

SmuttierThanYou said...

Bahahaha!! Scary troll boys! Awesome! You have def been a busy girl. Glad to see you are back.

Tenacious V said...

Yaaaaaay! Since I don't get my weekly FC fix tomorrow, I was super happy to see a new blog. I love how excited you are that someone stared at your boobs instead of your face--hooray for As Seen On TV products THAT ACTUALLY WORK. Have fun in Atlanta (Hotlanta...?)

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

I seriously do have mass problems with my bra straps all the time so I may have to check out the As Seen On TV section in our Walmart to see if they have those! Those pictures would be awesome...PRANK WAR ON!

cutie said...

Blogger just ate my effin' comment to you!
It was brilliant! Brilliant I say... and now, it's just gone...

*walks away grumbling*

marlboro skye said...

eharmony, magic tit-lifters, and extortion in one post. THAT is why i love this site.

Max said...

Heather is absolute shite. As one of the "troll-boys" I will say that I have been winning the prank-war by far. In fact, the last few have been so devastating to her that she has not retalliated in weeks.

Troll Boys : 2
Twitards: 0

jrieggs said...

welcome back! When do we get to see the prank pics?

Way to go on the boobie lifters :)

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